Set Yourself Apart! Be Looked Upon As an Industry Leader!

REVEALiO's NEW augmented reality technology offers a robust, interactive marketing tool that will instantly CAPTIVATE, CONNECT, ENGAGE, AND DIRECT your audience! It's simple, accessible, and affordable!

Augmented reality overlays virtual content on top of real world objects. It's like Harry Potter! REVEALiO cards "come alive" with video when viewed through a mobile device! Perfect for Business Cards, Event Invitations, Book Covers and other printed Marketing Materials! Virtual call-to-action buttons allow your customers to instantly RSVP, Buy Tickets, Share on SM, and more! Join this powerful trend that is sweeping the nation!

REVEALiO for Business

Augmented Reality Marketing & Partnership Opportunities

REVEALiO for Greeting Cards

Add Video to Printed Greeting Cards, Invitations, and More

Sue Brooke Marketing Consultant & Best Selling Author

The response I get from fellow business professionals when I show them my REVEALiO activated business card is priceless! They are shocked and in awe when the card "comes alive" right in front of their eyes.

It's a very powerful and impressive networking tool! I'm thrilled to see where this technology goes from here.


Transform Your Print Marketing Materials into Robust, Interactive Experiences!



Viewers will be “wowed” as you start talking to them on the card! It’s as if you’re right there with them!



Warmly introduce yourself as you “come alive” on the card. Let viewers get to know you a bit.



Visually share your message, product or service offering.



Virtual call-to-action (CTA) buttons appear on the mobile screen below the video, allowing viewers to instantly visit your website, email you directly, or share your card on their social media channels. – That’s powerful!

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