Holiday Card comes alive with video

4 Ways to Connect and Impress This Holiday Season

When the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to fall from the trees, we naturally turn our focus toward the upcoming holiday season. If you are a business owner it is the perfect time to reach out to your clients, co-workers, employees, and of course, family and friends, to show your appreciation and share new things about your business.

A common way to connect in a warm and friendly way is by sending a Holiday Card. Well, it’s now possible to take this warm connection to a whole new level by bridging sentiment with virtual magic! Let me introduce REVEALiO – Cards That Come Alive!

REVEALiO cards use augmented reality technology to add another level of communication and connection to any printed card. Add a warm personal video message to your physical card, and instantly direct viewers to your website, email, or social media share – all within a touch of a button! When viewed through the FREE mobile app, the card “comes alive” as the video plays right on top of the physical card! It’s quite impressive and captivating!

Connecting with clients and building a warm, trusting relationship is one of the most powerful marketing methods there is. Here are four ways that REVEALiO can help you take those relationships to whole new level:

  • WOW

When your card “comes alive” your viewers will be in shock and awe! The world stops when someone sees a REVEALiO card “come alive” for the first time.

  • WARM

You “come alive” on your card! The video message that plays is of you, warmly greeting your viewer, connecting with them on a human level. This interaction evokes warm, positive feelings and directly impacts the heart. “It feels like they are right there with you,” says REVEALiO card recipient.


Now that you’ve captured their attention, it’s time to say something warm and meaningful. Once the shock and awe wear off a bit, viewers will play your video over and over again. Take this opportunity to warmly engage them and begin to direct them to take further action.


Now that you’ve captivated and warmed their heart, it’s time to give them more. Perhaps a special holiday promotion or an event you’d like them to attend? The virtual call-to-action buttons appear on the mobile screen directing viewers to instantly visit your website (or URL of choice), email you directly, or share your card on their social media channels. Pretty powerful stuff!

Start leveraging your marketing today by using REVEALiO’s technology to promote yourself and your business! Watch this video to see how people are reacting to this new concept.

REVEALiO can make any-sized printed materials “come alive” with video. Visit revealio.com or email info@revealio.com to learn more. Back them on Kickstarter by October 23rd to help make holiday cards “come alive!”