2 Tier Affiliate Commissions

Build a REVEALiO Sales Team

  • 20% Commission on Reveals + Video Services
  • 10% Commission on Software Services
  • $10,000 in Sales Monthly
  • 40% Commission on Reveals + Video Services
  • 10% Commission  on Software Services
  • 10% Overriding Commission on Reveals + Video Services sold by affiliates under you
  • 5% Overriding Commissions on Software Services sold by affiliates under you

Commissionable Sales

REVEALiO Membership Subscriptions




  • Activation of REVEALiO Content
  • 1,000 Streams/Views
    Per Calendar Month
  • Up to 5 Reveals
  • Unlimited Video Swaps
  • Edit CTA Buttons
  • Analytics



  • Activation of REVEALiO Content
  • 25,000 Streams/Views 
    Per Calendar Month
  • Up to 20 Reveals
  • Unlimited Video Swaps
  • Edit CTA Buttons
  • Analytics

Sales From Video Production

Video Editing


/per hour

  • Add Captions
  • Edit existing video footage
  • Scrub through multiple videos and compile perfect 60 second introduction video
  • Re-purpose completed video on website and social media
  • Assessment required for large video editing projects

Video Production


$3500 value

  • 30  Minute Consultation
  • Script Writing
  • Lighting and Staging
  • Filming (virtual through Zoom Video Software)
  • Editing to Create Your Perfect REVEALIO Video
  • Maximum 20 hour effort

AR Mobile Development Sales

White Label App


$20,000 +

  • Re-brand REVEALiO's existing Functionality with new branding theme and graphics
  • Customized Functionality available for additional fees
  •  (1) iOS and (1) Android
Software License Agreement


$500,000 +

  • Branded App (iOS + Android)
  • Full Control over IP
  • 1-3 year contract
  • Service Level Agreement for ongoing tech support
Custom Augmented Reality Development


$20,000 +

  • Branded App (iOS + Android)
  • Custom functionality
  • 2D or 3D interactive content
  • Service Level Agreement to support app and content

Here's how it works:

  • Apply with REVEALiO to receive an Affiliate ID
  • Copy your affiliate link and place it on your online pages and Social Media posts
  • Encourage your audience to click on it and see the amazing power of REVEALiO - Augmented Reality Video Marketing
Affiliate link share
  • If someone clicks on your link and ends up ordering a subscription from revealio.com, you will receive 20% - 40% of that sale
  • We pay Affiliate fees after the 30 day trial period from date of purchase

Use Cases

Augmented Reality is A powerful way to

 increase consumer engagement

  • Business Networking-Stand Out from competitors
  • retail-interactive labels, virtual sales assistants
  • Manufacturing-Training, instructional video
  • real estate-virtual tours, personal connection
  • events-posters, banners, invitations
  • publishing-book covers, interactive learning
  • museums-interactive exhibits

Watch Webinar To Learn more about AR

(30 min)

Distributor Model Coming Soon!