Picture of a REVEALiO-Living-Legacy-Card

Augmented Reality Provides NEW Interactive Living Legacies To Honor The Memories of Lost Loved Ones

A Unique Way To Honor A Legacy

It’s hard enough to lose someone you love and now with Covid19, we are limited in how we can gather together to mourn their loss of life. Funeral homes are being overwhelmed with large volumes of requests for services, and it can feel as if your loved one is not being given the care or honor they so rightly deserve.

Family and friends must come together to find unique ways to properly commemorate the life of their loved one. Memorialization is an important part of the mourning process, and it is honoring to celebrate their legacy with others in a way that breathes life into their existence.

REVEALiO now offers families a unique opportunity to create memories you can touch while keeping a piece of your loved one with you forever, through interactive Living Legacy Cards.

These cards COME ALIVE with a video overlay of your loved one’s legacy when their photo is recognized through the free mobile app. Virtual buttons also appear on the mobile screen allowing for further interaction.

See example video below.

Michelle Calloway founded REVEALiO after being widowed in her thirties. She sees augmented reality as a magical portal to enhance human connection through technology even across oceans. Having recently lost her father in January 2020, and with so many people losing their life to Covid19, she has changed her business model to now offer this beautiful interactive tool for families to honor their lost loved ones.

Memories You Can Touch and Keep With You Forever

Having a tangible, physical memorabilia card that encompasses the life and legacy of your loved one is a beautiful way to remember them and lay them to rest. REVEALiO simply adds another dimension of heart connection to a static image, essentially making their legacy COME ALIVE in front of your eyes, bridging your heart and mind to their life’s memory in a way you will never forget, and can keep experiencing time and time again. Legacies live forever.