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A Thought Leader in Disruptive Marketing Technology (with Heart)

Michelle Calloway is the author of multiple books, and a Speaker, Tech Founder, and CEO of REVEALiO, Inc., an innovative software solutions company, specializing in augmented reality interactive experiences. She is driven to success in response to a calling she believes has been placed in her life. Her goal is to make interactive augmented reality experiences accessible and affordable for everyone, to enhance human relationships, and empower business owners to have more impact, influence, and income.

Michelle combines her expertise in visual communication with the emerging world of augmented reality (AR). This cutting-edge technology overlays virtual content on top of real world objects when they are viewed through a mobile or wearable smart device.

She wants to share her inspirational story and teach the power of augmented reality video marketing to forward-thinking business owners and corporate leaders. Her heart is to empower small businesses to gain the ultimate competitive advantage by captivating their audiences and influencing their buying decisions.


Experts and Influencers: Women's Empowerment Edition

A powerful book featuring 15 women expert leaders that have overcome adversity and want to pave the way for you to reach your wildest dreams

Experts and Influencers - The Woment Empowerment Edition Bood Cover


Within 48 hours, this book reached International Best Seller status in 7 countries!! A must read!

Fifteen experts share: insights, tips, tools, and wisdom in the area of Women’s Empowerment to support you powerfully on your journey. Our goal is to help you step further into and more powerfully into your gifts, talents, and abilities as leaders.

Together, as we lift each other up, we are all able to grow, reach more people, and have a greater impact. Lean in and let each chapter equip, inspire, and empower you to more fully step forward and share the amazing gift of you with the world! 


In celebration of this release, I wanted to share the title of my chapter and why I’m excited about this powerful book launch.

My chapter is called
Becoming Extraordinary – Living Life With Purpose

How do you shine when you feel dull on the inside? How do you blossom when you feel like a weed? I struggled with a pretty severe inferiority complex growing up. It has taken me over a decade to overcome it. Now all I want to do is help people be seen and truly valued. You too can change your perspective, your thoughts, and your destiny!

Gain insight and action steps from over a dozen amazing women experts and influencers, and claim your empowerment in life.

Grab your copy today https://amzn.to/2XOCpY6


Books That Michelle Calloway
Has Co-Authored

Experts and Influencers: The Leadership Edition


A powerful book featuring over 18 experts that are committed to helping you SHINE powerfully in leadership!

experts and influencers book cover

Business experts share insights, tips, tools, and wisdom in the area of leadership to support you powerfully on your journey. We know leadership is not a solo journey and by coming together our goal is to help you step further into and more powerfully into your gifts, talents, and abilities as leaders. Together, as we lift each other up, we are all able to grow, reach more people, and have a greater impact than we do trying to do everything on our own.

In each chapter, our authors (all leadership experts and influencers) will equip and empower you to more fully step forward as a powerful leader. I believe this book is a living and interactive book that will speak wisdom, encouragement, and power into your life. I want to invite you to pause, take a deep breath, and be ready to receive these powerful chapters so they can ignite a fire in you, inspire courage in you, and focus to step fully into the leader that you are called to be.

Now it’s your turn. Are you going to lean in and learn from the wisdom within this book? Will you let us walk beside you on your journey of life? We want to lift you up, support you, encourage, and empower you in the area of leadership. 

​​​​​Step Into Your Brilliance


“The fourteen of us have made a commitment to share authentically our stories and wisdom to empower and encourage YOU to fully step into your brilliance!” ~Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Step Into Your Brilliance Cover Art

This is the first book in the best-selling anthology “Step Into” series; this beautiful book is a living conversation from gifted, heart-centered writers to you, speaking wisdom and encouragement to ignite a fire in you, shore up your courage, and help you get the focus to step fully into YOUR BRILLIANCE! These writers are people just like you, people who have experienced fears, stories that have kept them stuck, challenges that have been difficult to face—and yet, they have that ‘something’ inside that calls us all to expand, explore, and seek better, happier lives.

Do you know that feeling inside? Of being called to step forward? To share your gifts and talents? To lean in and help lift others up? We believe part of this calling is a calling for you to step more fully into your brilliance. To share more of the gift of you with the world.


REAL stories by REAL people that will INSPIRE and IGNITE your soul!

Michelle Calloway Front Cover of Discover Your Inspiration

Learn what drives and inspires visionary Michelle Calloway, Founder and CEO of REVEALiO, a new augmented reality technology company, and 18 other entrepreneurs to success and beyond.

Michelle Calloway is a visual communications expert turned visionary after she was introduced to mobile augmented reality (AR) in 2014. She moved to the bay area to launch her new startup REVEALiO, which makes (printed) cards “come alive” with video and call-to-action buttons when viewed through a mobile smart device.

“Technology like this doesn’t come into a person’s life and have such a profound effect on them for no reason.” Michelle feels that she was “called” to build this business to get AR into the hands of everyone all over the globe. No better way to introduce it to the masses than through printed cards that “come alive” with a personal video message. It’s amazing, fun, and deeply impactful!

Order your copy of the book today, and be encouraged and inspired to go after your dreams!


WOW! Michelle shares her story of inspiration in such a personal way that it will change peoples lives. I was able to give an extra copy to a woman who was in a of moment deep despair in her life. Just seeing the book cover come alive in front of her eyes gave her a glimpse of hope in her situation. Thank you for sharing your life and technology with the world.


 I need to buy more copies and give them away! This woman's love for God and her obedience to do what she is being called to do is INSPIRING. Her story immediately grabbed me. It was what I call an easy book to read. It totally sucked me right in and had me hanging on every word. Buy this book and be inspired!


Praise and Glory to God for Michelle's inspired story! Loved her transparent recount of what God has brought her through...and to!



50 Encouraging Stories to Inspire and Motivate You to

 Rock Your Life

Rock Your Life Book

Rock Your Life is filled with amazing stories by incredible people.

Craig Duswalt asked some of his high-profile friends if they would share a success they had in their lives so that they might inspire future business leaders and world changers. They all said yes!

This book features an impressive lineup of “RockStars” including Craig Duswalt, keynote speaker, author, podcaster, and creator of Rockstar Marketing, and former assistant to Axl Rose, Lead singer of Gun’s N’ Roses; Russell Hitchcock, lead singer of the amazing and successful pop duo, Air Supply; Dean Cain, played Superman on the hit television show, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman; Ray Parker Jr., writer and performer of the mega-hit song, Ghostbusters; Don Cromwell, former bass player for Air Supply and Eddie Money; Natasha Duswalt, author of three books, one #1 Amazon best-selling book, and owner of a top modeling agency in Los Angeles; Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO of the #1 Women’s Entrepreneur Conference, eWomenNetwork; Captain Charlie Plumb, former Navy Fighter Pilot and P.O.W., and Keynote Speaker; Bill Walsh, America’s Small Business Expert; Joel Weldon, Golden Gavel winner and Hall of Fame Speaker; “Famous Dave” Anderson, America’s Rib King and founder of Famous Dave’s restaurants; and RADM Paul Becker, a retired, highly decorated U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer.

Watch Book Cover COME ALIVE With REVEALiO Technology


More Inspirational Stories of Success by Extraordinary Women

Book - Women Who Rock 2

Women Who Rock was so successful, that we decided to release more amazing stories in Women Who Rock 2. In this new collaboration, Natasha Duswalt, author, speaker and founder of Peak Models & Talent, and 35 other extraordinary women, share their personal and inspirational stories of success. These empowering and uplifting stories by women from all walks of life, who have overcome challenges, solved problems, or changed their lives for the better will help you find your own inner strength, vitality and feminine spirit, and remind you to think positive, have faith, and use the power that you have within you to inspire others. Real Stories from Real Women!

Readers will enjoy featured stories from authors that include, actress, Sam Sorbo; supermodel, Donna Feldman; founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, Cynthia Kersey; Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Founder/CEO of BANKCODE, Cheri Tree; Author, Speaker and sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, Tanya Brown; Media Entrepreneur, Business Growth Speaker, CEO of “POWER to WOW”, Lynn Rose; and Co-Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network, Nancy Matthews.

To learn more about all the authors in this book, please visit Amazon Book Page

Step Forward and SHINE!

In sharing their stories, our authors will equip and empower you to discover your value, align to your purpose, step forward, and choose to SHINE!

step forward and shine

This book is a living, interactive book that will speak wisdom, encouragement, and power into your life. Your heart will be touched and you will be motivated and to take action to step forward powerfully in your life. We invite you to pause, take a deep breath, and be ready to receive these powerful stories and messages so they can ignite a fire in you, inspire courage in you, and focus your purpose in your life to encourage you to take action now and SHINE! 

In this book, each heart-centered and powerful co-author shares their personal story and journey with you. They share their wisdom and what they wish someone had encouraged them with or whispered in their ear - especially in those dark and challenging times. They are committed to pouring into you, to equip and empower you in your life. Throughout the chapters you will feel a consistent and transparent heartbeat to support you in very real ways as the authors often share what they wish they would have known. We want to make your path and journey easier for you step forward and SHINE!

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Business Experts Compilation Book

15 Business Experts Write about the Most Important Aspects of Their Businesses

itty bitty book cover

There are many things that go into being successful in business. In this Amazing Itty Bitty Book, fifteen experts expand your awareness of how many different aspects are involved with business success.

•Anthony Camacho – Sales
•Barbara Starley – QuickBooks®
•Carey McLean – Business Apps
•Cindy Mirkamali – Digital Business Exposure
•Dale Ann Springer – It’s All In Your Mind
•Deborah A. Morgan – Small Business Accounting & Taxes
•Emily LeTran – Ready…Set…Done
•Ginger Lai – The Magic of Outsourcing
•Jackie Simmons – Decision Making
•Katherin Scott - Healthy Relationships Lead To Success
•Lynn Swearingen - Inner Brilliance
•Mellissa Tong – Why Do You Need Video?
•Michelle Calloway – Heart Centered Marketing
•Patty Hedrick – Health Is Your Wealth
•Suzy Prudden – Use Your Book to Build Your Business