Soldier received a Revealio card

Caring For Our Troops Just Got More Personal – With Cards That Come Alive!

Introducing a powerful NEW way to connect with loved ones – long distance just got a little bit closer.

“I remember what it felt like to be separated from family and friends while stationed overseas,” remarks Jerry Bowden, disabled Vietnam veteran and co-founder of REVEALiO – Cards That Come Alive! “It’s tough, and it’s lonely. Keep in mind, this was way before internet and cell phones. When I heard my name during mail call, I would light up inside. Knowing that someone cared enough to send me letters and photos was an amazing feeling. That feeling is what we are capturing today – with this new hybrid greeting card technology called “REVEALiO.”

REVEALiO is a mobile augmented reality app that offers personalized (printed) greeting cards. These interactive cards “Come Alive” with video and virtual call-to-action buttons when scanned with a mobile device. In this digital age it’s easier than ever to share thoughts, photos and videos with one another, keeping people connected all over the world. However, once the digital devices are turned off, the connection ends. REVEALiO is different.

By bridging tradition with technology, REVEALiO cards offer value and connection like never before:

  • People value the thought and effort it takes to send a card through the mail
  • People value photos and videos of loved ones
  • People value memorabilia that capture precious moments

Creating and sending a REVEALiO card couldn’t be easier. Simply customize the card, add video, select addressee, and hit send – all from within a mobile app!  REVEALiO will print and deliver the card(s) for you. Recipients will be dazzled and amazed as they watch your card come alive before their eyes!

Download the app and send your first REVEALiO card today for FREE!    (Limited Time Only)

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