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New Beginnings In Tech

January was filled with new beginnings for the tech industry.CES, one of the largest consumer technology shows in the U.S. exposed new emerging technologies entering the marketplace.AI, or artificial intelligence

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Enter to Win Holiday Cards That Come Alive

Enter To Win Holiday Cards That COME ALIVE!

Add magic and joy to this holiday season by sending your loved ones holiday cards that COMES ALIVE with a personal video message from you. It's like sending a warm, virtual hug.Revealio Greetings is a

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Soldier Smiling

Experiencing Love From a Distance – A Veteran’s Story

"It sucks being away from family, but as soon as you get that package, you can't wait to go home, get off work, and find out what's in it," comments Naval Seaman Rashaan Jeffery.If you have ever lived

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Human Connection Enhanced By New Technology

4 Ways To Use New Technology to Enhance Human to Human Connection

Humans have been telling each other stories since the dawn of time. The incredible advancements in communications technology have helped us make our stories more impactful. While the tools will keep changing,

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AR Enhances Human Connection

Augmented Reality Enhances Human Connection

Technology Should Enhance, Not Replace Human Connection In our digital era it can be perceived that we are connected with each other in more ways than ever before. Social media allows us to share our

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Top Augmented Reality Trends for 2017

15 Augmented Reality Trends Predicted for 2017

2017 promises to be the year augmented reality hits the streets, and gains mainstream acceptance. The opportunities to penetrate existing markets, and to create new ones, will be greater than ever. However,

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Augmented Reality is Accessible and Affordable

How Accessible and Affordable is Augmented Reality Marketing for Business?

Most businesses think AR and is too expensive for them to incorporate. There are 3 Tiers of Implementing Augmented Reality Campaigns discussed in this article.

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Cards come alive with augmented reality

Sweet Tech! – How Augmented Reality Impacts Relationships This Valentine’s Day

“It feels like they’re right there with me!” says a recipient of a REVEALiO card that comes alive using augmented reality technology. “I’ve never seen anything like it! I just love it!”  If

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Cupid Mobile Phone

Special FREE Valentine’s Day Offer – Interactive Augmented Reality (Printed) Greeting Cards

Set yourself apart with this new craze that is captivating and melting hearts all over the globe. REVEALiO, a new augmented reality company is making it possible to add a personal video message to your

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Augmented reality Christmas Cards

Magical Printed Christmas Cards That Come Alive and Talk!

Everyone enjoys a little magic now and again. Whether it be snuggling up with a loved one near a cozy fire, or the excitement of visiting a new place, or opening a beautifully wrapped gift, – the

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