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Sweet Tech! – How Augmented Reality Impacts Relationships This Valentine’s Day

“It feels like they’re right there with me!” says a recipient of a REVEALiO card that comes alive using augmented reality technology. “I’ve never seen anything like it! I just love it!”  If

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Special FREE Valentine’s Day Offer – Interactive Augmented Reality (Printed) Greeting Cards

Set yourself apart with this new craze that is captivating and melting hearts all over the globe. REVEALiO, a new augmented reality company is making it possible to add a personal video message to your

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Magical Printed Christmas Cards That Come Alive and Talk!

Everyone enjoys a little magic now and again. Whether it be snuggling up with a loved one near a cozy fire, or the excitement of visiting a new place, or opening a beautifully wrapped gift, - the holiday

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4 Ways to Connect and Impress This Holiday Season

Connecting with clients and building a warm, trusting relationship is one of the most powerful marketing methods there is. Here are four ways that REVEALiO can help you take those relationships to whole

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Augmented Reality for the Heart

A Full Heartbeat At any second, the Lafond-Favieres boys, ages 11, 15, 19, and 21 could lose their father. Eddy, age 52, has recently been diagnosed with a heart disease so severe that he has a matter

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