Tom and Tracy Hazzard Interview

Creating Business Through Augmented Reality Marketing

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Interview between Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO - AR Marketing, and Tracy Hazzard, INC Columnist and Product Strategist

Can you imagine a world where you can get information and content on a product right then and there, just by pointing your smart phone at it? What could have been just a fantasy twenty years ago is now possible with Augmented Reality (AR). Founder of REVEALiO, Michelle Calloway, found a way to use this technology to enhance human connection. AR bridges the real world with the virtual world by overlaying virtual content (like a video) on top of physical objects (like a business card or poster).

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Tim Cook wearing AR glasses

Augmented reality is a core technology that is going to be as influential to our society as the smart phone.

 Tim Cook 

 CEO of Apple 

The heart of business is relationships, the more people like you and trust you, the more they will buy from you and bring their friends. REVEALiO is a heart-centered company introducing augmented reality to the business world as a warm, connective, and highly influential marketing tool. Learn more at revealio.com.