Soldier Smiling

Experiencing Love From a Distance – A Veteran’s Story

"It sucks being away from family, but as soon as you get that package, you can't wait to go home, get off work, and find out what's in it," comments Naval Seaman Rashaan Jeffery.

If you have ever lived far apart from a loved one, you know how much your heart longs to be with them. Serving in the military means sacrificing on many levels, and that extends into the immediate and extended family as well.

Technology has opened the door for us to easily stay connected through video chat software, allowing us to see and hear each other on a frequent basis. This is a beautiful thing, and it works very well if your time zones compliment each other.

There is now a new technology that allows loved ones to feel connected, and experience you as often as they like. It's called augmented reality, and it bridges the real world with the virtual world through the lens of a smartphone.

Revealio Greetings are physical printed greeting cards that COME ALIVE with a personal video message that plays (on top of the card) when viewed through the FREE mobile app. 

"At first I thought it was just a card, just a picture, but as soon as it CAME ALIVE, it was nice to see them smile and talk. It was nice to hear my son's voice, and my wife's voice," exclaims Seaman Jeffery.

"I can't really call them or see them everyday. Sometimes I can play that, and replay it over and over again. It made them feel like they were right there next to me," recalls Rashaan.

These talking greeting cards are like giving someone a virtual hug that they can take out and experience again and again, whenever they need it. 

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Beyond greeting cards, augmented reality is the hottest new tool disrupting the marketing industry. It allows potential customers to engage and experience a company or brand in a fun, warm, and influential way that leads to more sales.

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