FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - REVEALiO Marketing Orders

How do I get people to use the REVEALiO app?

The key to gaining impact with REVEALiO is to actively demonstrate it’s power yourself when meeting someone new. Once people see what it in action, they will be intrigued to learn more about you and more about the technology.

  • Tell viewers to type in revealitnow.com in their phone’s browser (Safari or Chrome)

What are the restrictions of the video?

  1. The video should be less than 60 second in length and less than 100 MB
  2. Most video formats are accepted, .Mp4 files are preferred
  3. 1080p or 720p
  4. Horizontal format (to match orientation of artwork/image it will be overlaid on top of)

For tips on video creation check this link – /2kZfd6s

What are the restrictions of the artwork?


  1. Digital file type recommended: .png., jpeg.
  2. Dimension: 2″x3.5″ or larger
  3. Resolution: 300 – 600 dpi resolution, minimum of 400px
  4. Contrast: Images containing high contrast perform the best with the augmented reality technology

Why do you need a digital file of my artwork/image?

We program our software to recognize your digital artwork, so that when it detects the same image in real-life, it will overlay your video on top of it when it is viewed through the REVEALiO app.

What if my artwork has already been printed and I don't have a digital file to send you?

If your artwork is already printed, we will need you to send us a clear, high resolution scan of it. We will then program our software to recognize the image. If desired, we will send you a sample call to action text that you can print on sticker stock and then affix to your existing artwork.

What is included in the 1 hour of design assistance when I place my order?

Our design team will assist with designing your artwork, and/or ensure that your pre-designed arwork/image has enough contrast to work well with our software. Upon request, we place call to action text on your artwork so that users know your artwork COMES ALIVE when viewed through the free REVEALiO mobile app. Our design team will ensure that you are pleased with the placement of the call to action text in relation to your existing design.

What types of call-to-action (CTA) buttons are available?

REVEALiO currently offers the following virtual CTA buttons: Visit Website, Email, Text, RSVP, Schedule Now, Buy Now, Claim Gift, FB share, Twitter share.

What if I want to change something later? Such as the video or the cover artwork or one of the call to action buttons?

   Members can change out their video and CTAs as often as they like for the life of the REVEAL, and gain insights as to how often the REVEAL is being viewed via the customer membership dashboard.

Changing out the artwork requires a new REVEALiO order.

What is the turnaround time for a REVEALiO order?

A basic REVEALiO connection typically takes 1 –
business days to complete. However, if you need design assistance, it can take up to 3 days for final delivery. You will receive a design proof via email, for approval, prior to final artwork delivery and activation.

Can you make the video loop?

Yes, by default all REVEALiOs are set to loop the video.

How would I go about changing the video and/or CTA if I were a member?

Monthly members will be given a special access portal to make changes to existing Reveals.

Can membership be activated later and/or paused?

No, if the membership is canceled, the Reveals become deactivated.