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  • Ultimate Attention Grabber 
    You will stop people in their tracks and make a memorable first impression
  • Influence People's Buying Decisions 
    Be looked upon as a genius in your industry and gain the ultimate competitive advantage
  • Convert Prospects To Customers FAST  
    Provide instant next steps through a click of a button to convert excited customers right on the spot

What is REVEALiO?

REVEALiO Is a Video Marketing Technology That Makes Your Promotional Materials COME ALIVE With A Personal Video Message and Call To Action Buttons When They Are Viewed Through the Mobile App

We do this through a technology called augmented reality. We have the power to make virtual content, such as a video, appear on top of real world objects or images, such as a business card, or poster.

Learn What Augmented Reality Video Marketing Can Do For Your Business

Watch Pre-Recorded LIVE Webinar


Learn why business owners are buzzing about this new in-person marketing technique that is captivating attention and influencing buying decisions.


We make the magic happen for you.  You simply upload your artwork/image and video, if you have one.  If you need us to help you create your project elements, we can take care of that for you as well. You do not need to be technologically savvy to benefit from this amazing tool. 

Upload Your Digital Artwork

Provide us with the image you want to COME ALIVE with video. We then program the software to recognize that image so it will initiate the augmented reality experience.

Upload Your Video

We recommend you create a quick 30 - 60 second intro video that will intrigue your viewers to learn more.

Select Mobile CTA Buttons

Instantly direct people to take next steps toward conversion by providing them (up to 4) Call To Action (CTA) Buttons that appear on the mobile screen during the REVEALiO experience.

We Perform The Magic! 

It's just that easy! We connect all of the pieces for you.
You simply enjoy the benefit of attracting people to you as you visually demonstrate who you are and what you can do them.


Disrupt the normal way of thinking as you WOW those you meet


The technology makes you look like a genius and top expert in your field

Revealio - AR Marketing Tool mobile home page


Provide a memorable experience that keeps you top of mind for months to come.


Instantly share your message (visually) so that people better understand the value that you offer



click view button on home screen
hold phone over activated image
watch image come alive with a video story

Watch Samples COME ALIVE!

Click Samples Below and Watch Them COME ALIVE Through the Computer Screen Using the REVEALiO App on Your Smart Phone

Revealio business card
Michelle Calloway Founder and CEO of revealio
Alison is real estate business card
Barthell digital postcard
sue brooke relationship marketing expert
rock your life book
Tim Cook wearing AR glasses

“Augmented reality is a core technology that promises to be as influential to our society as the smartphone”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I cancel at any time?

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