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Special FREE Valentine’s Day Offer – Interactive Augmented Reality (Printed) Greeting Cards

Set yourself apart with this new craze that is captivating and melting hearts all over the globe. REVEALiO, a new augmented reality company is making it possible to add a personal video message to your printed greeting card(s). The physical card “comes alive” right in front of your eyes like Harry Potter!

Josh Profile Pic Circle.jpg“It made me feel like she was right there with me, and the distance not seem as far” says Joshua Colbert, a US military servicemen. He received his first REVEALiO card from his girlfriend while serving oversees. “At first I felt loved because she took the time to create and send me this beautiful card, but then when I scanned it and she began talking to me on the card, I was rocked to my core! I have never seen a card or technology like this before, and I still keep it with me to this day.”

Create and send your first REVEALiO card to your loved one this Valentine’s Day FREE of charge! Simply download the REVEALiO app from your app store, and select “Create a REVEALiO.” The card will be printed and shipped to anywhere in the world that USPS delivers. It takes approximately 10 days to deliver outside of the U.S., so create and send your card today. (First card FREE for new users).

Hear from Gabby who sent her husband a REVEALiO card that deeply impacted their relationship while being separated from one another.


REVEALiO makes printed marketing materials “come alive” as well. Learn more about REVEALiO and what they can do for you or your business by visiting our website, or emailing info@revealio.com.