REVEALiO Book Covers Come Alive with Video

Happy National Authors Day

We all have a story. Whether fiction or fact, people crave to hear stories. Stories spark imagination and inspiration, and allow a deeper insight into the thoughts of the storyteller.

Every time I share my story with people they tell me I should write a book. The thought of it made my stomach turn. The task seemed so daunting. I put it off for nearly a decade.

In the past year, I’ve started up a new technology business. My marketing coach encouraged me to write a book. Being a published author is a great way to be looked upon as an expert, and people will take me far more seriously. Again, I felt the weight of such a daunting task, I didn’t know how I was going to possibly fit it into my schedule either. Then a miracle happened.

This last Spring I attended one of Katrina Sawa’s “Jumpstart Your Marketing Weekend” seminars. Sue Brooke, a published author and business professional stood up before the entire crowd and pitched an offer I couldn’t refuse! She was offering authors a chance to write a chapter in a compilation book titled “Discover Your Inspiration.” This offer seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to take my first steps in writing my story. I didn’t have to write an entire book, just a chapter. I could do that! Anybody can do that! So I set out and with the coaching of Sue Brooke and Karen Strauss (Hybrid Global Publishing), I got my chapter written, submitted and published.

That’s not all! My new technology company, REVEALiO, makes print materials “come alive” with video (like Harry Potter). So, I offered to make our book cover “come alive” with personal videos of each individual author.

It’s amazing technology, very edgy and fresh! As authors, we all want to connect with and impress our readers. Writing a book is already such a major step toward setting yourself apart, but with the addition of REVEALiO’s technology, you can leverage yourself on a whole new level, never before possible!

YOU “come alive” on the front cover of your book when the reader views it through the free REVEALiO mobile app! Here’s what happens:

  • Captivate – your viewers will be “wowed” as you start talking to them on the cover! It’s as if you’re right there with them!
  • Connect – warmly introduce yourself and let them get to know you a bit.
  • Engage – share a message that you would like to resonate with them.
  • Direct – next steps – call-to-action buttons will appear on the mobile screen below the video. These buttons allow the viewer to instantly visit your website, email you directly, or share your book on their social media channels. – That’s powerful!
  • Leave a lasting impression!

I’m thrilled to be at this point in my life! So much has changed in such little time, it’s hard to get my head around it all. Such new and exciting things on the horizon. I hope someday soon to write my very own book. With the help of those wonderful women mentioned in this article, I believe it will happen sooner rather than later.

Happy National Authors Day to all you wonderful storytellers out there. Keep up the great work of sharing and inspiring!

If you’re interested in making your book cover “come alive,” visit revealio.com or contact Michelle directly at info@revealio.com.

Katrina Sawa – Jumpstart Your Marketing

Sue Brooke – Ignite Your Biz

Karen Strauss – Hybrid Global Publishing