Rise above the competition

How to Rise Above the Competition Using Disruptive Video Marketing Techniques

As markets expand and online business grows, many business owners struggle to be seen in a sea of competition. Most companies have recognized that they can’t do business the way they used to. They are looking for new ways to stand out and get noticed in this rapidly changing digital landscape.

Video is Your Boat

To keep from drowning in the sea of competition, think of Video Marketing as a vessel, a boat that will rise you up out of the sea, allowing you to be seen, rather than struggling to tread water to stay alive.

The reason video is such a powerful form of media and communication is because it taps into 3 of the 4 dominant learning styles, auditory, visual, written (via text or captions on the screen)

Learning Styles 3 out of 4

Authenticity is Your Paddle

1.     Put a face to your brand though video

People relate better to a person or a group of people rather than a logo or package. If you are the owner of your company, you are the brand of your company. Shooting video with you talking to the viewer allows them to connect with you, and they can begin to trust you, and therefore trust your product or service.

2.     Demonstrate your product or service through video

What better way to share the value of your product or service, than to show them what it looks like in action. Visually demonstrating the benefit people will have from your product or service will go a long way in influencing their buying decision.

3.     Show Social proof through video

The best form of marketing content is social proof. There’s nothing quite as powerful as hearing from another satisfied customer as to why they recommend your product or service. The testimony carries even more weight when it is presented in person or captured on video. Try incentivizing your happy clients to share their thoughts on video to help your amazing company grow.

Live Broadcasting is the Wind in Your Sail

1.     Invite consumers to engage your brand through storytelling

People connect better through stories. People may like your product or service, but they will become raving fans once they know who you are and what you stand for. Share stories about your “why” through a live broadcast, show some vulnerability by being real, and allow people to identify with you. Then your customers will become raving fans.

2.     Invite consumers behind the scenes in live broadcasts

If you’re having a grand opening event or striving for a big goal, share live broadcasts about these things to your audience, and allow them to get behind you.

Build anticipation and appreciation for what you’re doing. Share what it means to you. Invite them to comment or share something they are working toward, and watch as people come along side you to support you.

Interactive Augmented Reality Technology is Your Jet Engine

1.     Make video interactive with augmented reality technology

Augmented reality technology adds a layer of virtual content to a physical image or object, when viewed through a smart phone or smart glasses. It connects the physical world with the virtual world in a way that is dynamic, interactive, and captivating.

Combining the power of video marketing with the interactive, and magical nature of augmented reality is a recipe for stardom. It resonates with 95% of all people because it taps into all four of the dominant learning styles by adding the Kinesthetic element. Something physical that you can touch, can now COME ALIVE with more valuable information that what you can see with the naked eye.

Learning Styles

This is the “WOW” factor that most business owners are looking for.

With this technology, you can add a layer of virtual content to all promotional items such as:

·       Business Cards

·       Posters/Flyers

·       Event Invitations

·       Trade Show Banners

·       T-shirts

·       Swag Bags

·       Book Covers and Interior Pages

·       Real Estate Signs

·       Packaging

·       Labels and Product Tags

·       Training Manuals

·       Assembly Instructions

·       Signage

2.     Interactive Virtual Experiences Are Quickly Becoming Our New Normal

After the launch of Pokémon Go in 2016, augmented reality grabbed the attention of corporate giants, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and SnapChat. The space is rapidly evolving and Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple proclaims that augmented reality promises to be as influential to our society at the smart phone.

Soon, people will expect to see virtual content all around them, much like the Iron Man movies. For now, there is a competitive advantage to being one of the first to incorporate this new interactive technology into your marketing strategies. Are you ready to blow past your competition, be looked upon as a genius leader in your industry, and convert more sales?

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