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How to use Augmented Reality to get Recruited

Want to get recruited? Looking for a way to stand out?


You’re an avid athlete. You want to be recruited by the college of your dreams. Scouts come to your games and watch you play. How will you stand out amongst the other talented athletes? How can you make a lasting impression on these judges? What can you do to make them choose YOU over everyone else?


The answer is right at your fingertips; REVEALiO, a new augmented reality (AR) techie tool turns your (printed) sports resume into an interactive demo reel with instant access to your athletic stats and more. Bridging technology with print cards brings the best of both worlds. Student athletes can now “wow” recruiters with this technology while giving them instant decision-making power. Leave a positive lasting impression with REVEALiO, and your dreams are likely to come true.


You’re probably wondering: what the heck does AR even mean, how does REVEALiO work, and how in the world can it help me be recruited? Well, let’s take this one step at a time. Firstly, AR is an emerging technology that overlays computer-generated virtual content over real world objects. Mobile smartphones are used to view these two combined realms (think Pokemon Go). REVEALiO is an AR startup with the ability to bring printed cards “to life” with video and call-to-action buttons when scanned with a mobile device. If you’re still confused, no worries. I’m here to explain.


Let’s say you have an absolutely awesome video clip of you making your first hole in one, showing impeccable form. Or a clip of you making the winning three-pointer in the last 3 seconds of Game 7 to advance your team to the finals. Or a clip of you catching a 60-yard hail-Mary pass in double overtime for the winning touchdown. Whatever it may be, REVEALiO can help you highlight those moments.  


With REVEALiO, you’re able to create a (printed) card with a picture of you doing your sport. When recruiters scan your card with our mobile app they are able to see a highlight reel of your best performances at their fingertips! See example REVEALiO above.


Imagine if that were you. Imagine what an impact you could have on recruiters. They will be so impressed that you took the time and energy to create something so amazing, using cutting edge technology! With a simple touch of a button, they can view your stats, resume, or website, empowering them to make an instant decision. Stand out from the others–in the best way possible. Leave a lasting impression and be looked upon as a leader.


It’s as if you’re sending an application and thank you card all in one. In this digital age where more and more tech pushes us further apart, ours aims to spark connection, bringing us closer together. REVEALiO’s AR will give you an incredible edge over your competitors.  


Get a head start and check out our app! Download REVEALiO on Android or iOS and create your first card for FREE today! If you’d like to make a custom order, contact us at info@revealio.com with any questions.