In the Spirit of AR This Halloween

Augmented reality offers both tricks and treats this Halloween

A few companies have harnessed the magical essence of augmented reality technology this Halloween season:

Kellogg’s has partnered up with Shazam, and creative agency Orchard, to sweeten their relationship with their consumers.

“We’re always looking for ways to make breakfast time more fun for the family. Through AR, Kellogg’s hopes to offer parents another way to create simple but memorable experiences that the whole family can cherish,” said Jeci David, Portfolio marketing manager at Kellogg’s.

Kelloggs-Trick-or-TreatThe breakfast cereal company’s Halloween campaign has replaced physical gifts in cereal packs with a digital experience that is scalable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.


Halloween Bus Stop uses AR technologyIf you thought riding the public bus was scary, now waiting for it to arrive will give you chills. Arilyn, a Finnish augmented reality company is making posters of horror-themed amusement parks come alive at bus stops with their AR app. Click here to watch if you dare.

Enjoy your Halloween,
REVEALiO – AR Marketing