Burger King Augmented Reality Ad Campaign

Interactive Branded Experiences Burn The Competition

Interactive Campaigns Provide Competitive Advantage

Gone are the days when you can rely on sales because you are the only one selling what you are selling. Gone are the days of the "sales pitch." No one wants to be "sold" to. While attention spans continue to diminish, it is becoming more apparent that business owners must think creatively to stand apart from competitors.

"80% of consumers interviewed said that the experience they have with a brand is just as important as the product or service they provide." - Salesforce, 2018.

Burger King recently capitalized on this concept, and went even further by incentivizing viewers to "burn" their competitor's brand messaging in order to claim a free Whopper (a flame-broiled hamburger). The creativity, interactivity, and global reach of this interactive campaign brought smiles to people's faces and bellies. I'm not sure how McDonald's felt about it, but I'm sure they have to admit it was a pretty clever "burn" from their #1 competitor.

This video shows how effective this interactive campaign has been for Burger King. 
Source: David Sau Paulo Brazil Agency

Stand Out, Be Seen, and Attract More Clients!

If you want to stand out from your competition, not only do you need to be different, you need others to see you as different. What are you currently doing that is causing people to say, "Oh, wow! I like that!," or "I love this! Sign me up!?"

Creating and sharing interactive branded experiences like Burger King's augmented reality campaign isn't something that most small business owners can afford. But, what about sharing your story, your mission, your purpose? People love stories! Can you share your story in an innovative and experiential way that evokes emotion, and positively influences people to engage with you? The answer is YES!

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Michelle Calloway

When I saw the power of human connection that this magical portal of augmented reality provided to a soldier, separated oversees from his loved ones, I knew I needed to create a tool that would make these interactive experiences affordable and accessible to everyone, now matter their age or their budget.

Relationships with people are so valuable. This technology provides a fresh, exciting way to enhance those relationships, both personal and professional.

Make Your Brand COME ALIVE!

REVEALiO's interactive video marketing tool offers small business owners the chance to:

Watch this video to see how these interactive branded experiences work.

By combining the storytelling power of video, with the interactive power of augmented reality, you can make any physical marketing piece COME ALIVE with another dimension of communication and connection.

"This is what I call innovative video marketing. When I show my business card using the REVEALiO app, the person’s only response is, “Oh my Gosh! I have to have that!” I call this the jaw dropping effect." - Lou Bortone, The Godfather of Video.

These types of interactive branded experiences are new to most people, so the captivation factor is very high. They are generating quite the buzz and leaving lasting impressions. Are you ready to up your game and burn your competition? 

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