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Learn How To Monetize Your Message Through Public Speaking – A Tech With Heart Interview with Orly Armor

  • Did you know there are 64,000 Events a day in America alone that PAY SPEAKERS TO PRESENT?
  • 78% of these events are now Virtual
  • Speaking is a $100 Billion Dollar a Year Industry

Tune in and learn from business coach, and public speaking expert, Orly Amor on this episode of Tech With Heart, with your host, Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO Software and Media Solutions.

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Transcript Of Interview 

Welcome to Tech With Heart. I am your host, Michelle Calloway. I'm, the CEO and founder of REVEALiO, which is an innovative software and media solutions company.

We are all about empowering businesses to be successful in a digital era, and so we want to help you shine so bright and make sure that you are competitive and relevant in this highly saturated sea of digital noise.

So, one of the things that we talk about often is: how can you boost your credibility online because, yes, it's great to shine, but if people are researching you and they don't find enough valid proof that you are indeed the bee's knees, and you are who you say you are, then they might bounce, meaning, they might not hire you and they might not go any further.

So, one of the things that we know will help you shine so bright and have the credibility that you really want people to see is to speak and to share your story.

Today our very special guest, Orly Amor, is going to talk to us about how We can actually monetize our story, our message, yes, even in a virtual era, so i am so excited and delighted to introduce to you Orly Amor.

Can you just say hello, real quick?

Yes, hi. Thank you for having me, Michelle.

Yes, I do want to formally introduce her. She is phenomenal. I met Orly a little over a year ago, and boy was i just so impressed! Her energy is off the charts.

Her expertise is rock solid. She has a system that teaches you how to monetize your message and actually has a guarantee that you're going to make so much money, but I’ll let her share a little bit more about that.

I was just like wow. I've never heard anybody say that they will actually guarantee that you're going to make money, so i am so excited to have her on the show.

So a little bit about Orly is that she has successfully started five companies, so you can call her a serial entrepreneur, but a successful one at that. She is blowing up right now!

I'm, so delighted she even gave me a little bit of time to have her on the show. So, as a corporate trainer, a best-selling author and international public speaker, she has helped over 200,000 people around the world, maximize their bottom line by tripling and quadrupling their sales.

Thank you, wow! I'm, so excited to have guests like this, because we're all about trying to help entrepreneurs and small business owners excel and succeed.

In addition to her being a great public speaker herself and a great networker, because she's got super good energy, she has helped public speakers create their business model for public speaking. So, that's what we want to do for you.

Yeah, it's not completely all about technology, but it's really about a relevant way to help you stand out, and she has created what she calls a business in a box for public speakers. She's also just recently published a book and she's got some really great ongoing challenges that you can do to help elevate you up and help you get paid and get booked.

So Orly, welcome to the show girl.

Thank you, wow yeah. I should have you introduce me all the time.

Let's get straight to the meat and potatoes here. How do you as an entrepreneur know that you should be out there speaking and what does it take to actually get paid for it? Because you know what it's all about. Can you kind of wrap that up for us?

Yes, so, first and foremost, congratulations on whoever is an entrepreneur, because it's not a small task.

Being an entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats sometimes, right? You have to wear the marketing hat, the publicity hat, the salesperson hat, the accounting hat, and every other hat that there is in being an entrepreneur, especially when you're starting out.

So, now when you grow, you start hiring people to do some of these tasks and so on and so forth. The growth pattern that has to take place is not a very easy task either because you have to let go and I’m not one of those people that lets go easily.

So, I get it now. You have to remember that you started a company for a reason. What was your message? What was the problem that you wanted to solve for yourself or for others?

It took something. Your pivotal point. What was it that made you start the business that you're in? That story in, and of itself is worth paying for.

I know that people are thinking, really? Somebody's willing to pay me for what I just did? Yes, if you rode a bus to school one morning, that is a story that people would be even willing to pay for. and people are saying, “seriously Orly?”

If you think about it, not everybody knows how to take the bus. They've always driven to work. How do they know how to take the bus? So, if you think about it, there's a lot that goes into taking the bus. People are always asking me, "How do you dumb it down that much to tell me that I'm still going to get paid for it?"

If you think about it, you need to look at a schedule of the buses. Where are you going? How many buses will you need to get there? What times are the buses going to? So, you have to plan it all out before you get to your destination. Not everybody knows how to do that. Once you find out how to do that, then you need to teach it to somebody, and they're willing to pay you for that.

So, if you think about any one of your clients right now, Michelle, if you think about all the listeners... you guys have to listen to this part...whatever it is that you do, wherever you've been, how old you are, it doesn't really matter. You've paid for it with time money, education, blood, sweat, tears, aggravation, heartache, hardships, whatever... that is you've paid for it. Why would you give it away?

Wow! thanks for kind of simplifying that for us. So yeah, I love the fact that you're helping us realize that just because we've experienced it, doesn't mean others have, and so our experiences are worth sharing. Our stories are worth sharing. Our history, our backgrounds, our roots are worth sharing.

I love that you are so confident that you can take anybody's story whatever that story is and help them mold it into a way that will potentially help them make money. I mean that's your guarantee, right?

So, let's talk about how you get paid for sharing your story because a lot of people just don't. You know they there are sometimes people that actually want you to pay them to be on their stage, right?

So, there is three things that people need to know about this industry of public speaking. It is an industry in and of itself. It's a business just like owning a store. It doesn't matter what store we have right? We still need a key to the front to the front door. We still need a cash register. We still need to process credit cards, right? We still need certain things before we even have a product on the shelf. The industry of public speaking is just like that.

People are saying, "well, how do i charge?" "What do I charge?"

Well, there's things that are happening in the industry. One is called pay to play, which is basically where you pay the event planner to be on their stage, and obviously you need to also know that you would need to sell your product or services in order to make some kind of money.

Out of that event, you're paying somebody else to be on their stage now. You need to be already comfortably positioned to do that, and also know the art of selling from the stage. That is also called speak to sell.

So, some people like to just be on stage and they don't get paid. They don't pay to be on a stage, but they basically maybe promote the event for the event planner and then they just J/V partner, if you will, with the event planner, so that the event planner takes a percentage of their sales and that's like an affiliate of some sort - and they are a speak to sell.

I don't do either one of those because I don't believe in it. i believe in being paid for my speaking, my knowledge, my IP, intellectual property, and so I teach people how to get paid.

Now there's what is called my value, and then there's what is called industry value. So, there is actually a price point for you as a speaker. If you're just starting out or if you're a professional speaker for a long time, how many times you've spoken? How much have you ever been paid to speak?

I get people asking me all the time, "So what do you get paid?" I get paid about $10,0000 every time I speak and I’ve always been paid to speak. I don't know what it's like not to be paid to speak and that's why I tell people. Yes, you should be paid to speak, number one.

Where do you start? I need to talk to you to find out. Even though I’m, a ten thousand dollar speaker, it didn't always start that way. So you start somewhere and it's a scalable business.

So how long does it take for somebody on average to get to that level where they're in position and recognized as a quality speaker to be hired to make some money for speaking?

Well, you know my guarantee is 150k your first year in public speaking. So, that's my guarantee... you'll make it if you follow the program, obviously. But, the how long is up to you, because you have to have the right business model in place. You've got to be positioned properly.

How many times have you heard, "I'm a motivational speaker," or "I'm a leadership speaker," "I'm a sales speaker," there's way too many of everything. So, positioning is very important in this industry. Why would an event planner choose you over all the others for the same topic? My super power is to position a speaker.

We're talking about speaking, we're not talking about branding, which is what you do and positioning that way. Branding is not what we're talking about in speaking. Speaking positioning is completely different.

It's very intriguing for an event planner to say, "hmm, I wonder what she speaks about?" That's really what that is. So, it's making you a little bit more, yes, sexy and marketable. I mean sexy in the right way.

No, I'm desired. Like somebody wants... you know. you're a sought after... so that's what. Yes, that's what we want for you.

We don't want you to sound the same, because if you sound the same... if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it's a duck. That's what the major problem is.

You mentioned my book earlier. I've interviewed over 3,400 event planners that pay speakers for this book, and they all say the same thing. So, imagine how traumatized they are.

(Link to Orly's book: You're Not All That - 12 Reasons Why Event Planners Won't Hire You. https://amzn.to/2Fhq5t7)

If you are even considering raising your game and stepping into the more influencer, the more thought leader limelight, and actually getting paid to speak. You know each one of us has our own unique story, our own unique talent.

I love the fact that, you know, Orly says her gifting is to help you create that special stand out uniqueness, because that's really what's going to attract people to want to pay you, is because of your uniqueness, right? All right.

So in a virtual world, which we're living in, let's talk a little bit on the tech side when it comes to Zoom, which we're using right now to do this Facebook live, it's very 2d. It's like flat, and I could wave my arms and I could, like you know, get funny glasses on and make funny faces and try and attract people to listen and want to focus on me.

But in a virtual world it's, a lot harder to capture people's attention and just enamor them. So, what are some of your thoughts in a virtual era on how to be one of those speakers that makes such a memorable impression through something like a Zoom interface?

So, I don't know if you've noticed, but I am making an effort to look at the iris (of the camera), and not at you, where you're in my screen. You're in my peripheral vision, but I am looking at the iris, which makes it a little bit more inviting when I'm talking straight at the iris. Doing so is already more engaging than looking down or reading or doing anything else, it's, a lot more personal.

Now, of course, I can't even feel the energy of the audience i don't know if they're even listening to me, I don't know. I only see in my peripheral vision, so i can tell you that that is one major thing that people are not doing right. Also, distractions, not having too many distractions around helps people focus.

The other thing is that we can't control, what we can't control, right? So having good content, speaking with good energy, being uplifting and not dwindling, not swallowing your words, not looking for your message.

Being more assertive makes people listen. People like energy, so when they're there, they're listening to energy. If you have good content, they're listening to it. Even if they don't like it, they listen to it.

This is what this (Covid) has done for us. It's, not that it's going away anytime soon. 78% of events right now are virtual, and they're paying you to be virtual. They're paying for your message. They are paying.

So, this is the best part. I think you know, but I've not been on the ground this long in my whole career of 24 years speaking full-time. I have not been on the ground this long. I actually miss going out and meeting people, being around people, and being at conferences, or you know at CEO Space. I'm missing my friends at CEO Space. You know.

I miss people. That's life though, you know? So, this is our new reality. We have to work with it and we have to be embracing it. So, if we are challenged with it, if we are resisting it, it will resist us also as energy flows. I'm loving it. It's okay. It's temporary. I keep on telling that to myself. It's all temporary.

Well, one of the things that I find very useful when I'm doing any kind of a presentation through a flat 2d screen, you know, is to ask questions. Try and get the audience engaged somehow, you know, even through chat. You can use chat when you're hosting a webinar or doing a presentation or anything like that. Get the audience involved.

Do polls. You know, ask questions and do it live because then people are able to, like you know, interact with you. I love that! Yeah, and ask questions that don't require that much typing. Like, "if you're excited to be here, put a one in the chat box." Or, "say yes," you know, or just even a "y." Like you don't have to type a whole paragraph to tell you have engagement.

Okay, so like let's just say you've inspired somebody that's listening to step into the limelight baby, and share their story, share their message. I'm, looking straight into the iris of the camera right now as i'm talking to you and uh, what is it that they should do next? How do they get started?

Well, I would say, know that you really want to do this because it's not for everybody right? Not everybody wants to be a public speaker. But, I will tell you this... as an entrepreneur, as a public speaker, as a coach, as an author, anybody out there... I will tell you that public speaking is still number one after word of mouth.

As far as a marketing tool, public speaking is still the lowest hanging fruit to bringing in new clients, new money, whatever it is. Still public speaking. You can spend money on a lot of things and that will all help because you have to diversify right? But public speaking still is one tool that gets you more yield.

So, you gotta do public speaking. People need to know. And not only that, one to one is so exhausting. How is one to many? You have better chances, right? So, one to many is cost effective. To get started, just do it! Get yourself out there.

If people don't know you exist, nobody's gonna come and call you. Nobody's gonna knock on your door. You gotta just get started.

Well, Orly, I know that you are a professional and you've helped over 200,000 people so far. You have changed their model to more public speaking and you've helped them quadruple their sales. That's fantastic.

I know for me when I first started speaking I was blown away how easy it was for people to make a sale after that because you've, just literally like stood up on stage, you shared your stories, so they feel that you're authentic. They feel like they know you a little bit. You know, they can tell whether or not they can do business with you by just listening to your message. Whether it's a five minute message, ten minute message, or a forty five minute keynote message: it's a great way, Like she was saying, one to many.

I love that model because if you feel like you've been stepping into your purpose-driven life, like you know, you're on a quest to like change the world, or you have a major message that's going to hopefully inspire people to change something about themselves, or their lives, or their business, and you need to share that, it's like you actually are doing a great disservice by not stepping into the limelight and sharing that story on stages, and sharing it in the news.

I know that's what REVEALiO does. We really help take that story and get it broadcasted out to the world even not through speaking. I mean it's like speaking, but it's doing it in words, on paper, you know? Let's get it out there! Let's get the news to report it and drive people to your website or to get a hold of you.

So, I definitely believe in it. I know that if you're stepping into the role of being a thought leader - and you want to be seen as a thought leader - it's a great positioning tool and it really is impactful.

So, Orly, how would people go about getting a hold of you or getting incorporated into some of your trainings? Can you share a little bit about your website and where they can go?

Sure I can. I just want to share one more little thing... about you know, as an entrepreneur, you want to be an influencer or a go-to person, and to become a go-to person. You have to be out there, right? But here's What happens - this industry is so amazing that, after a while, you will be called to come and speak for other organizations.

I just spoke to an organization that somebody heard of me, and all of a sudden, I'm speaking to this organization. That got me in front of 115 countries, and 30 million people showed up that day! It was just crazy how many! 30 million people around the world show up to watch this thing.

I did the same thing that you just did. I'm like, "how many in 115 countries?" "30 million people?" And people came on my calendar and it was like, "what just happened?" It was really amazing, so those things really do happen in today, and even with this pandemic. So, I can tell you that these things happen in this industry.

It's just beautiful. So, to get hold of me you can go to http://orlyamor.com/and there's two buttons there. One is to hire me as a speaker, but underneath that there's also a button to get on my calendar.

So, get on my calendar. Let's have a conversation. It's 20 minutes. You take the 20 minute slot and let's have a conversation. Let's see where you're at and if I can support you, great! If I can't, well, you know, maybe I can have some other resources to send you to, but let's have a conversation, definitely.

Well, I am absolutely delighted that I could get you because I know how busy you are. Thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom, and I hope for those of you who are listening or watching, I hope you found that source of encouragement and inspiration, at your core, that's been nagging at you like you were meant for more, and you need to be sharing your "Why." Sharing your story. Sharing your message. Well, let's help you actually monetize it so that you can keep doing that.

That's what Orly's all about. She's got a guarantee in place folks, and I just absolutely love her. Her energy is off the charts! She's been doing this, and doing it very successfully for years. I mean the fact that she's even willing to coach people how to do what she's doing so successfully is phenomenal, because a lot of times you get influencers at a certain level, and they don't have the time, or it costs like fifty thousand dollars to work with them.

So, Orly's got some great engagement tools. Please go reach out to her at http://orlyamor.com/

If you're interested in getting interviewed as an expert in your industry, reach out to us at https://techwithheartnetwork.com. We are all about empowering business success in a digital era.

Thanks for joining us today.

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