Military Testimony

Let Freedom Ring with AR this 4th of July

Heartfelt Testimonies from Military Servicemen

Whether you are a part of a military family or not, it’s tough being away from those you love for extended periods of time. REVEALiO is a new techie tool using augmented reality to connect with loved ones, making them feel closer than ever before. This 4th of July, let’s make a positive impact on those we love and have sacrificed so much. It’s simple, yet powerful. Click play below to see how REVEALiO impacted this soldier.

“It made me feel as if they were right there with me,” said Seaman 4th class Rashaan Jeffery, who received a REVEALiO from his wife and child while stationed at Widbey Island Naval Station, WA. Jeffery continues by saying, “You get to keep it close by, you get to see it everyday. It’s nice always having family by your side, seeing their smiling faces and hearing their voices. It’s a good positive impact on a person.” No matter how far away your loved one is, REVEALiO makes your family feel loved and supported even if you’re not together.

“I received my first REVEALiO card from my girlfriend while being stationed overseas. Being able to carry a personalized card everywhere I went, and using the app to see the video message anytime I wanted, made me feel closer to her, and the distance not seem as far. I have never seen a card or technology like this before, and still keep it with me to this day,” said Joshua Colbert of the US Armed Forces. Through REVEALiO’s cutting edge technology and thoughtful sentiment, Joshua was able to feel his girlfriend’s warmth and compassion even when stationed halfway across the world.

“I remember what it felt like to be separated from family and friends while stationed overseas,” remarks Jerry Bowden, disabled Vietnam veteran and co-founder of REVEALiO. “It’s tough, and it’s lonely. Keep in mind, this was way before internet and cell phones. When I heard my name during mail call, I would light up inside. Knowing that someone cared enough to send me letters and photos was an amazing feeling. That feeling is what we are capturing today – with this new hybrid greeting card technology called REVEALiO.”

By bridging tradition with technology, REVEALiO cards allow your loved ones to experience you in way they never have before, and in a way they will never forget! Download the app today and send your loved one a card that is sure to surprise them and leave a lasting impression. Create and send your first REVEALiO card on us!