Augmented reality Christmas Cards

Magical Printed Christmas Cards That Come Alive and Talk!

Everyone enjoys a little magic now and again. Whether it be snuggling up with a loved one near a cozy fire, or the excitement of visiting a new place, or opening a beautifully wrapped gift, - the holiday season is all about sharing magical moments.

I once heard that the best gifts come in small packages. That may be true, but we're not here to compare sizes! 😉 Ultimately it's the thought behind the gift that matters the most.

Warmly connecting with good friends and family is important all year-round, but especially important during the holiday season. I look forward to seeing pictures and reading updates on families, as the holiday cards come pouring in the mailbox. I just love the tradition of sending/receiving holiday cards.

Social media channels make it very easy to connect and share pictures and updates, but when they leave your feed, they are out of sight and out of mind. A printed holiday card stays up on my fridge for the entire month of December and beyond! Often times, it's the best picture I have of that particular person and I like being visually reminded of them daily. It warms my heart.

There is a magical new app out now called REVEALiO, that allows you to carry on this beautiful tradition of sharing photos and stories through a printed holiday card, but it doesn't stop there. You can actually add a video of yourself to the card and it will "come alive" when it's viewed through the mobile app! It's amazing to see! It feels like magic in your hands! The best of both worlds, physical and virtual.

I really hope you try these amazing new cards, and share them with all of your friends. What a wonderful way to share your love with others in a warm, magical way!

Download the app for free and the card(s) you create are printed and delivered for you.

Visit revealio.com for more details.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!