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Affiliate Call Replays

Great Ways To Use REVEALiO At A Marketing Event


In today's affiliate call we discussed some great tips on using REVEALiO at a marketing event. 

  • How to approach vendors
  • Using REVEALiO as a gateway into a deeper conversation
  • Use the quick demo technique-blow them away and they will remember you

 Are you ready to revolutionize your industry? 


Introducing AI to the AR Scene. We need leaders to take this and run hard! The recurring income potential is staggering! Let's do this!

Earn Commissions on Software Development Projects as a REVEALiO Affiliate Partner


You can make 10-15% commission on all software development and mobile app development projects you send our way. These are high ticket items with possible monthly recurring commissions for you.

You don't need to sell the development services, you just need to refer your leads to us and we'll take it from there.

How To Share Your REVEALiO 3.0 Affiliate Link


On this call we discussed how to apply to become an Affiliate with REVEALiO and share your affiliate link in your promotional outreach.

Tour of the NEW REVEALiO 3.0 App and Affiliate Dashboard


Presentation of the new REVEALiO - Augmented Reality Video Marketing 3.0 Platform. 

  • Purchase Reveals
  • Upload Project Elements 
  • Access the control panel for each of Reveals for future editing 
  • Apply for Affiliate Program
  • Track Monthly Revenue