What People Are Saying About REVEALiO

Tom and Tracy Hazard

"What we have here is a marketing tool that taps into all 4 dominant learning styles, engages and converts people at high volume, and leaves them with a story they actually want to share with others, without sacrificing that heartfelt connection that is oftentimes missing from technology.

Bringing Innovation To Market

Hear what Inc. Magazine Journalist, Tracy Hazzard, has to say about REVEALiO and it's practical use case of augmented reality marketing

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" Oh my, gosh, this is going to happen people. Holy Smokes!

Blowing  Superman's Mind

See why Dean Cain, a.k.a. Superman, was blown away by REVEALiO's innovative and interactive video technology

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"So this is a differentiator itself. I love that. And when I think of what obstacles you help business owners overcome, this is a connector , a relationship builder.

In the Tank With Kevin Harrington

REVEALiO makes good business sense according to Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank

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Everyone is doing real estate, everyone's a coach, everyone's an author, everyone is doing this. And there’s people in all of these markets who want to stand out and disrupt something. Michelle gives that. REVEALiO offers that disruption.

Disruptive Marketing Across Many Industries

Hear what the radio talk show hosts Brandon and Mike have to say about REVEALiO on this very special episode of Money 105.5

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"That’s just incredible... it's just one of those things that you have to see the power of.

It's almost like going viral in person.

Marketing That Won't Break The Bank

Hear awestruck Janet Kunst rave about REVEALiO's power of influence marketing

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“It is important to keep human connection at the core of it all.”

Overcoming Fear To Become A Leader

Interviewed By Penne Zelinkoff on the Penne Z Show, Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO shares her remarkable shift away from her inferiority complex which eventually led her to open up new possibilities. She also explains what her business does and its impact to the tech world. She believes that it is important to keep the human connection despite all these advancements in technology. 

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"This is such a cool way to use video. The only word I can use to describe it is MAGICAL!"

The Best Way To Use Video For More Impact

Hear what the Godfather of Video, Lou Bortone, has to say about the power of combining video with the interactive technology, augmented reality.

Image of Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO software and media solutions, along with a quote that says, use this time of change to learn from others and grab hold of what works rather than giving up

Michelle Calloway, CEO of REVEALiO is Featured on Alignable.com, written by Chelsey Taylor

has nearly a decade of editorial experience in the fields of health and wellness, productivity, and most recently, small business.

Pivoting To Help Other Businesses During Covid

In honor of National Women's Business Month, Michelle Calloway was featured on Alignable.com, the largest small business network in America, as providing value for small business owners during Covid19.