AR craze PokemonGo and REVEALiO

The new AR craze: What PokemonGo and REVEALiO share in common

The new AR craze: What PokemonGo and REVEALiO share in common

The latest craze that has been taking the internet and the gaming scene by storm: Nintendo’s new PokemonGo. If you have not heard of it yet, it is probably because you have been living under a rock. In just a week, PokemonGo has acquired more daily active users than Snapchat and made SONY approximately $4.9 million on the first day alone. So what really makes this game stand out from all other games out there? The answer is simple, yet ingenious: Augmented Reality.


So what exactly is augmented reality, or AR? AR is an emerging technology that overlays computer-generated imaging content with the real world, leading to a composite view of both realms through your smartphone. The digital world and real world collide. Apart from gaming, AR is being integrated into multiple commercial industries, such as designing, business and electronics as a whole. AR is nothing new, but this game put the concept under a universal spotlight.


PokemonGo’s concept requires users to be physically active by going outside and interacting with the community they live in, either by attempting to catch Pokemon, or by battling another player at a nearby Poke Stop. Whatever the case may be, AR enhances the way we connect with others through its engaging components. In just a few days, users are already releasing claims about how the game has single-handedly helped to alleviate social anxiety and depression symptoms, solely by motivating them to explore their environment and collaborate with others.  


Signal Magazine’s Ryan Kenny discusses AR’s ability to increase situational awareness and emotional intelligence, which is what this society is in dire need of. That, paired with the scientific evidence found in the mental health benefits of gaming, exponentially improves individuals’ wellbeing, as well as the world we live in. Watch this TedTalk to learn more about how a few minutes of gaming a day can make you a happier person.


REVEALiO was created with this exact idea in mind. In this digital age where more and more tech pushes us further apart, ours aims to spark connection, bringing us closer together, despite the distance. We wanted to create something meaningful that pulls on people’s heartstrings. And we have done just that! Dubbed as #ARfortheHeart by ARToolKit, an AR software library, our app uses AR to send a heartfelt message to loved ones, deeply impacting those who receive them. REVEALiO grants anyone the opportunity to create and send friends and family a personal greeting card, that “comes alive” with video and call-to-action buttons when scanned with a mobile device.


“It made me feel as if they were right there with me,” said Seaman 4th class Rashaan Jeffery, who received a REVEALiO from his wife and child while stationed at Widbey Island Naval Station, WA. Jeffery continues by saying, “You get to keep it close by, you get to see it everyday. It’s nice always having family by your side, seeing their smiling faces and hearing their voices. It’s a good positive impact on a person.” No matter how far away your loved one is, REVEALiO makes your family feel loved and supported even if you’re not together.  


In fact, if you download the REVEALiO app, you can create your first card for FREE! So try it! Now that you’ve learned how incredibly stunning AR is, amaze a friend or family member. Send them something they can keep close, replay, and hold onto forever.