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New Beginnings In Tech

January was filled with new beginnings for the tech industry.

CES, one of the largest consumer technology shows in the U.S. exposed new emerging technologies entering the marketplace.

AI, or artificial intelligence was a hot topic, but augmented reality was buzzing as an effective medium for brands to use in the marketing industry

"The advancements in augmented reality really stand out to me. AR’s integration as native applications and the ease of bringing them to market make this medium much more tangible for brands, particularly with the ease of access for consumers." - Devon McDonald - Chief Strategy Officer, Mindshare Canada.
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Artificial Intelligence

Tech With Heart Community held their LIVE launch event in Oakland, CA on Monday night, January 29th. This new community is focusing on bringing heart-centered business owners together in a warm, supportive environment where we can be enlightened and empowered to engage new technologies and disruptive marketing techniques, so that we may gain more impact, influence, and income. 

We are excited to be building on online community for Tech With Heart in addition to our monthly live events and workshops. Click here to join our mailing list. 

You care about helping people
You value your customers
You want to stand out from your competition
You want to elevate your level of influence
You want to grow your business quickly
You want to build brand loyalty
You want to increase sales conversions

You don't care about people
You only want to talk about yourself
You only care about making more money

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About the author...

Michelle Calloway - AR Expert

Michelle Calloway is a Speaker, Int’l Bestselling Author, and the Founder and CEO of REVEALiO, Inc., an augmented reality marketing company. She is driven to success in response to a calling she believes has been placed in her life. Her goal is to make these augmented reality experiences accessible and affordable for everyone, to enhance human relationships, and empower business owners to have more impact, influence, and income.

Michelle combines her expertise in visual communication with the emerging world of augmented reality (AR). This cutting-edge technology overlays virtual content on top of real world objects when they are viewed through a mobile or wearable smart device.