Augmented Reality Business Card

New Revealio Distributor & Partnership Program Now Available For Your Business! Captivate Your Target Audience Like Never Before!

Making your product stand out in a competitive market can be a tricky business. In the modern world, there are so many different avenues with which to market to your target audience, it can be overwhelming deciding the best course of action for your company. Many companies find themselves asking the same question – how do I connect with my target audience and leave a lasting impression?

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Let me introduce you to REVEALiO, one of the most exciting developments in revolutionary technology happening right now. We are an augmented reality technology company, and have developed an innovative new mobile application that makes printed media come alive right before your eyes. Want to wow your customers? Then REVEALiO is the app for your business.


Businesses can now use REVEALiO to transform traditional printed media – such as a business card – into an interactive, augmented reality experience. The image on the card transforms the user experience by making it “come alive” through a video message. By bridging tradition with technology, REVEALiO offers value and connection between businesses and their customers like never before. Your customers will be captivated by seeing your company’s product come alive before their very eyes – providing the opportunity for you to make a lasting impression on your target audience.

The team behind REVEALiO sees almost unlimited potential for businesses to use their technology to leave a long-lasting impression on their customers. By using the virtual call-to-action (CTA) options within the app to captivate, connect, engage and direct your audience, your business can use the innovative technology to communicate directly with your target audience.

REVEALiO offers businesses the chance to distribute the product as their own, and simply charge a flat-rate fee for the service. The agreement offers a great deal of freedom for the distributor, allowing them to market the product with their own branding and set their own prices. The distributor has the opportunity to generate substantial profits, as they take their cut off the top after REVEALiO has taken their flat rate. A distributor can even have their own exclusive app developed by REVEALiO if they wish to, available to be marketed with their own branding.

Your company can benefit hugely from adopting an augmented reality app to market your products. By using REVEALiO to transform traditional printed media into an interactive, virtual experience, your company can wow your audience like never before. With our app, you can:

  1. CAPTIVATE – viewers will be “wowed” as you start talking to them on the card! It’s as if you’re right there with them!
  2. CONNECT – warmly introduce yourself as you “come alive” on the card. Let viewers get to know you a bit.
  3. ENGAGE – visually share your message, product or service offering.
  4. DIRECT – next steps – call-to-action (CTA) buttons appear on the mobile screen below the video, allowing viewers to instantly visit your website, email you directly, or share your card on their social media channels. – That’s powerful!
  5. Leave A Lasting Impression!

Start leveraging your marketing today by using REVEALiO’s technology to promote yourself and your business! Watch this video to see how people are reacting to this new concept.

REVEALiO can make any-sized printed materials “come alive” with video. Visit our page or contact us to learn more.