Discover Your Inspiration


These amazing authors share their life experiences and challenges
and how inspiration played the key role in overcoming adversity.

These stories will enlighten, enthuse and inspire you and, hopefully, lead you to inspire others.

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Michelle Calloway is a graphic designer turned visionary after she was introduced to mobile augmented reality (AR) in 2014. She moved to the bay area to launch her new startup REVEALiO, which makes (printed) cards “come alive” with video and call-to-action buttons when scanned with a mobile device.

Technology like this doesn’t come into a person’s life and have such a profound effect on them for no reason. Michelle feels that she was “called” to build this business to get AR into the hands of everyone all over the globe. No better way to introduce it to the masses than through printed cards that “come alive” with a personal video message. It’s amazing, fun, and deeply impactful!

Order your copy of the book today, and be encouraged and inspired to go after your dreams!

*BOOK COVER COMES ALIVE WITH VIDEO!* Order the Michelle Calloway version of the “Discover Your Inspiration” book and you will be able to watch it “come alive” right in front of your eyes with REVEALiO’s augmented reality technology.


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