A Quick how-To Guide on Telling Your Story On Video

Quick How-To Guide on Telling Your Story on Video

Have you ever read a book that was too good to put down?

A well-told story can easily become relatable and memorable.

Storytelling has been a big part of building societies, establishing community relations, and passing on generational knowledge for centuries. 

Business owners have a story to tell, value to share, and in this digital age, one of the most common forms of storytelling is recorded videos.

Video production might be difficult for some business owners, but the heart-centered team at REVEALiO believe that video stories build a quick connection between brands and consumers. We provide a creative space to those wanting to raise awareness, build trust, and explain value through video storytelling in an online world.

Why is it important to share video stories?

Telling a story through video is one of the most effective ways of engaging with your audience while still getting the message across, rather than just showing facts and figures of your product or service to your audience. 

Storytelling gives you the chance to be remembered, to share an experience that is relatable to the audience, demonstrating the value of your business

Establishing trust with your clients creates a safe space for people to share their stories and experiences with you. You can learn from your audience and improve the service as well as inspire others to share and engage with your brand.

How to start your video story

1. Identify your target audience and set your goal for the video story.

First, you need to know what you want to achieve with your story and which type of viewers you want to reach. 

  • What problem do they have that you can solve? 
  • What type of story can you share that would help viewers relate? 
  • Are you wanting viewers to buy your solution, or attend your event? 

The clearer you are on the purpose of your video, the easier it will be to create it.

2. Brainstorm and create your desired narrative

It’s time to let those ideas flow, and start creating your story. It’s important that you have a clear idea of a memorable point or “take-away” you want the audience to receive since most viewers only see it once or twice.

At REVEALiO, we have scriptwriting experience to help you put those ideas into the story you want for your brand.

3. Create and edit the content that visually tells the story, or hire a video professional to create the video.

Modern technology provides many (do it yourself) video editing tools for computer and mobile devices. Some are free, and some require a low monthly fee.

Video stories are most effective when they are told using visuals that support what is being spoken about in the story, ie. images, b-roll video footage, text on screen, etc.

To get the best of your story it is recommended to choose professionals or companies to produce your video. At REVEALiO we offer video production services that will fit any small business or nonprofit budget with professional experience and a variety of video formats to best fit your story.

4. Create a strategy to share your story.

Promoting your story is as important as creating it. Make sure to get the right social media coverage, news releases, or even online or local events that reach your expected audience to help spread your video and draw attention to your brand. Make sure to plan ahead of time and market the release so it spreads easily.

Wrapping It Up

Video storytelling is a really powerful tool for any brand. Stories are a quick way to get people invested and drawn into what is being told. 

Videos can be emotional, funny, or educational. Telling a story doesn’t mean that you need to write the best story or find a huge budget to match. Finding the right compelling story that your audience will remember and act upon is the most important goal.

It will take time, planning, and effort to make storytelling work, but it can give you that reach that you need for liftoff. It’s worth taking the time to put your message and your brand into a story and boost your customer engagement levels. 

For any help or assistance needed with your video storytelling journey, contact us at REVEALiO. Our mission is to enhance human relationships by connecting people through storytelling technology.