Augmented reality interactive video storytelling

REVEALiO – AR Marketing – Web App Provides Interactive Video Marketing Experiences Using Augmented Reality Technology

AR Marketing - Web App Offers Unique Differentiator for Business Owners!

Attention business owners, authors, salespersons, event managers, and marketing professionals who want to stand out from competitors, and differentiate themselves as cutting-edge, forward-thinking thought leaders in their industries.

There is an emerging technology that bridges the physical and virtual worlds that allows business owners to instantly SHOW prospects what they do, while captivating attention and creating a memorable impression that leads to increased sales.

When I think of the obstacles Revealio AR helps business owners overcome. This is a connector, a relationship builder

See what the Innovative Investor, and the original Shark from ABC's Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, has to say about this emerging interactive augmented reality (AR) marketing tool.
Click here to watch Kevin Harrington interview.

Introducing Augmented Reality Video Marketing

REVEALiO - AR Marketing is a cutting-edge augmented reality video marketing tool that allows businesses to enhance their physical marketing materials with dynamic video stories and call-to-action buttons. 

Small business owners can turn ordinary printed marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, book covers, and banners into interactive, engaging experiences that captivate attention, and influence buying decisions.

Improved Accessibility

In April of 2016 – REVEALiO launched it's first DIY augmented reality marketing tool for small business owners to create their own interactive storytelling experiences with ease, at an affordable monthly rate. This first version of REVEALiO – AR Marketing required viewers to download a native app from their phone’s app store to experience the AR after it had been activated within the proprietary system.

In February of 2023 – REVEALiO released it’s WebAR, browser-based augmented reality technology that accomplishes the same high-impact, memorable storytelling experience, without requiring viewers to download an app from the app stores.

Ease of Use

With the web-based version 3.0, businesses can create and share AR marketing materials quickly and easily, without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources. This makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their budget or marketing expertise.

Viewers can simply visit revealitnow.com on their mobile browser, or be directed to the AR viewer by scanning a QR code.

Access AR Viewer

revealitnow.com QR code for viewing activated AR printed materials

In order to view REVEALiO activated AR printed materials, simply scan QR code with your mobile phone or click button below to access viewer.

View an AR activated marketing campaign in three easy steps. Open the viewer, scan the image, and watch it come alive!

Demo the Magic!

The idea behind this AR tool is to add another level of connection and influence to ordinary printed marketing materials like business cards, posters/banners, book covers, training manuals, postcards, and SWAG.

Try it for yourself by visiting the demo page and experience AR activated materials by holding your mobile phone over an image being shown on your computer screen.

Advantages of AR Experiences for Marketing

Stories sell, and when shared through a dynamic experience, interactive stories top the charts for increasing a person’s influence and memorability.

One of the key advantages of using REVEALiO is its ability to demonstrate a company's value proposition in a unique and engaging way. By making physical marketing materials COME ALIVE with video stories and interactive elements, businesses can showcase their products and services in a way that traditional marketing methods simply cannot match. This can help businesses stand out from their competitors and attract new customers.

REVEALiO's call-to-action buttons are another great feature that allow businesses to drive conversions and track engagement. Viewers can be directed to specific pages or products on the company's website, or can be prompted to fill out a form or make a purchase. This allows businesses to track their ROI and see the results of their marketing efforts in real-time.



"WOW" your audience and capture their attention

Influence and connect


Visually communicate your message, service, or product in a cutting-edge way.

direct next steps with virtual cta buttons


Get viewers to take next steps through virtual CTA buttons

Watch the example below of a business card COMING ALIVE and then the viewer taps on the Buy Now Button and is taken to sales page.

Steps to Create an AR Interactive Video Marketing Campaign

Any physical printed marketing material can be activated with REVEALiO AR so they COME ALIVE with video stories and virtual CTA buttons.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Upload Image icon

Upload Image

Upload video icon

Upload Video

Select call to action button icon

Select CTA Buttons

Some small business owners struggle with creating professionally designed branded marketing materials and video stories. REVEALiO offers graphic design and video production services in addition to the augmented reality experience.

Complimentary consultations can be scheduled to discuss the best use of AR for business marketing projects. Click here to request a free consultation.

Pricing Tiers for REVEALiO - AR Marketing

REVEALiO has built a DIY business model that allows small business owners to achieve the same dynamic marketing experiences that only larger corporations could afford in the past.

Smaller AR marketing campaigns can be achieved via a monthly subscription that costs as low as a cup of coffee per day.

Larger, corporate AR campaigns that require larger volume of views/streams per campaign will require annual subscriptions. 

In conclusion, REVEALiO - AR Marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses stand out from their competitors and drive conversions by demonstrating their value proposition in a unique and engaging way. Its web-based 3.0 version makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes, and its call-to-action buttons allow businesses to track engagement and conversions. As the technology is new and emerging, businesses that adopt it now are likely to have a competitive edge over their peers.