Girl blowing magic dust kisses

Spread Magic and Wonder All Year With Interactive Branded Experiences

Typically during the holiday season we strive to make our friends, colleagues, and loved ones feel extra special, loved and appreciated. It's a magical time of year for most of us. It's the season of giving and gratitude.

But, what are we doing to nurture our relationships during the rest of the year? Are we actively striving to connect with people on an authentic level throughout the year, so that they feel we care about them and their success? People care more about you when they know you care about them.

Whether you are trying to grow your business network or nurture existing friendships, there is a great tool for you that will help you connect with people in a magical way all year long.

I'm talking about an amazing new technology called augmented reality. Its a cousin to virtual reality, and it makes normal, physical objects and images COME ALIVE with virtual content when they are viewed through a smartphone or smart glasses.

This technology uses the camera on your smart device to detect images and objects that are pre-programmed to COME ALIVE with an interactive experience. If you're a business owner, these experiences provide you with an opportunity to instantly connect with people in a way that evokes emotion and nurtures relationships.

Watch this video to see how something as simple as a holiday greeting card magically COMES ALIVE. Viewers experience awe and wonder through the interaction and you become more of a celebrity in their eyes.

Salesforce did a survey and found that 80% of consumers said they wanted to experience a brand before making a buying decision. This survey proves that we are indeed living in an interactive, mixed reality society. The more interactive you can make your brand, your message, and your marketing materials, the more you'll see an increase in business and brand loyalty.

Magical Interactive Storytelling

A super-effective way to interact and connect with people is through storytelling. People want to know what you are all about and why you do what you do. A great way to share your story online is through video. And now, augmented reality can take your online video storytelling to the next level.

Through the REVEALiO - AR Marketing tool, you to create interactive branded experiences that dynamically tell your story (in the physical, real-world), while also driving engagement through virtual content. Essentially these interactive experiences provide the best of both worlds, physical and virtual.

Make Engaging Your Brand Fun and Rewarding

Let's be real though... storytelling will only take people so far. If you really want people to engage your interactive branded experiences, you need to give them the incentive to do so. Try playing a game. Reward those that participate. People love games, contests, and drawings if they see there is something in it for them.

With REVEALiO's AR technology, your interactive content can tell a story AND reward the participant. This means that your physical branded items such as business cards, brochures, invitation, posters, swag bags, t-shirts, etc., can all have added value associated with them through a dynamic and memorable experience.

Participants are further incentivized to download the free REVEALiO mobile app so that they can experience the interaction firsthand, and then claim their gift, earn reward points, or see if they are a grand prize winner. Fun, fun, fun!

How To Create Augmented Reality Interactive Branded Experiences

Creating these magical and rewarding experiences is actually very simple. There are three steps:

  1. Decide which marketing materials you would like to activate with a virtual campaign. Ideally, you will want to choose artwork that has good contrast and doesn't resemble any of your other REVEALiO activated campaigns. This technology uses image recognition to trigger the interactive experience.
  2. Create a short introduction video for the interaction. (If needed, you can hire REVEALiO's creative team to help you create the video). The video should be short, (approximately 45 seconds), as it is primarily a teaser to get the viewer to click on the mobile CTA buttons that take them to visit your website, buy now, schedule appt. RSVP, etc.
  3. Once you have your campaign elements created, you simply purchase your Reveal setup at revealio.com/signup and upload your artwork and video. You can also select (up to 4) mobile call to action buttons that will appear on the mobile screen during the interactive experience. Once the Reveal is active, you can watch your content COME ALIVE using the free REVEALiO - AR Marketing mobile app for iOS and Android.

Make Your New Year Interactive and Engaging!

Spread magic and cheer this holiday season and all year through, while engaging people in dynamic, authentic, and rewarding ways. Set yourself apart from competitors and make your brand fun and memorable.

May your new year be filled with positive interactive experiences that take your business to the next level and beyond.