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Making Your Brand Work For You

Augmented reality turns an ordinary product label into a interactive sales assistant.Imagine picking up a bottle of wine from the shelf and having it share a story with you. If the bottle comes alive and

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Why You Need Interactive Video Marketing

Are you wanting your videos to generate more clients? Do you feel that your current videos are not engaging people the way you would like? Interactive video marketing can help.The concept of interactive

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Inc. Recognizes REVEALiO For Effective Use Of Augmented Reality As Business Marketing Tool

How Your Business Card Can Tell A Story And Make A Deeper ConnectionAugmented Reality brings everyday objects to life, and the conversion rates cannot be ignoredCREDIT: Getty ImagesI got an email from

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REVEALiO Founder Michelle Calloway to Join VR/AR Discussion Panel at SF Meetup 8.24.16

Join us for a night of VR/AR demos and discussions in SF Wed, Aug 24th

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The new AR craze: What PokemonGo and REVEALiO share in common

The new AR craze: What PokemonGo and REVEALiO share in common The latest craze that has been taking the internet and the gaming scene by storm: Nintendo’s new PokemonGo. If you have not heard of it yet,

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