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How To Gain Exposure For Your Business – Tech With Heart Interview With Colleen Biggs

Imagine gain exposure with clients and referral partners every time you speak, live or on video.Everyone is clamoring to be seen online, so how can you make your spotlight the brightest?By showing up!Show

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Attract More Business With Google Maps –Tech With Heart Interview With Byron Ingraham

Before talking about Google MapsAre you well known in your local community?If I was visiting your area and I needed your services, would I find you easily by searching for your service on Google?Imagine

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Dynamic Technology That Increases Employee and Customer Retention –Tech With Heart Interview with Mary Maas

Doing business and managing employees and/or teams virtually during Covid-19 is a struggle for all involved.Employee turnover costs a company about 50% of the employee’s annual wage.How do you keep employees

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Predict buying behavior and increase your revenue – Tech With Heart TV With Carol Stanley

Imagine having the power to influence a person’s buying decision!Imagine increasing your sales by 75% simply because you knew exactly what to say to get a “Yes”. There is a system and a technology

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