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Top 3 Ways Brands Are Using Augmented Reality to Drive Sales

Augmented reality is bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Overlaying a virtual layer onto the real world creates captivating, personalized experiences. This isn’t science fiction anymore – it’s reality. Innovative brands are using this technology to immerse customers in their storytelling and connect at a deeper level than ever before.

Techniques are evolving quickly and consumers are now getting comfortable with this technology as they experience its benefits. They like that it gives them a more first-hand preview of a product or service – according to Prismetric Technologies, 55% of customers believe that if an app or retail store has augmented or virtual reality features, it will influence their buying decision in a positive manner. Here are three awesome ways brands are pioneering augmented reality for business.

1. Enhanced Shopping in Stores


Retail brands are using augmented reality to create more engaging shopping experiences in stores. Lego is one early adopter seeing solid results. They have kiosks in toy stores that show assembled lego sets in 3D. Shoppers can simply scan a lego kit they’re considering and watch as it pops out of the box, creating a memorable bond with the brand and making them more confident in a purchase.

lego display.jpg

Image credit: Intelfreepress

There are a whole range of methods developing to digitize brick-and-mortar stores. They typically revolve around scanning products with your phone to learn more about them, no sales rep needed. You can pull up customer reviews, videos, feature details, offers and even buy products right there on your phone. This brings an incredible new level of interactivity to stores.


2. Product Visualizations at Home


Some of the top applications of augmented reality have been focused on the experience of shopping at home. Product visualizations enrich online shopping, showing consumers what a product looks like in their environment and helping them picture that item in their life. IKEA has been applauded for their augmented reality app, which allows shoppers to choose furniture from their catalog and place it in their room to see how it would look. They can touch their screens to position the item, choose different colors and be sure it’s the right size.

Ikea app.jpg

Image credit: IKEA

Converse is also bringing their products to life with an augmented reality app. Shoppers point their phones at their feet and cycle through different shoes to see how they will look. This reduces the uncertainty of shopping online and gets consumers excited to purchase, all from the comfort of home. Prismetric Technologies says 68% of online shoppers abandon their cart without making a purchase – that’s a lot of lost revenue. Augmented reality is a promising solution to drive more of those checkouts to completion.

Converse app.jpg

Image credit: Converse


3. Print Materials Come Alive


Augmented reality is bringing new meaning to the print medium. REVEALiO is a leader in this space, producing marketing materials like business cards, invitations and brochures that show videos when viewed through their app. These aren’t ordinary print pieces that go straight to the trash – viewers are surprised and feel an emotional connection with a brand. This is a very effective way to stand out from the masses and make your message stick. You can customize call-to-action buttons for your objective, such as driving sales or RSVPs.

Revealio BC.png

Image credit: Revealio, Inc.


Disney is using augmented reality to bring the magical qualities of their brand to life. They have coloring books that project a 3D rendering of a picture as you color it. For their Star Wars Weekends promotional campaign, t-shirts can be viewed through a phone and come alive with lasers, asteroids and spacecraft flying around. Similarly, AMC Theatres has movie posters that show trailers and prompt the viewer to buy a ticket.

Disney coloring book.jpg

Image credit: Disney Research

We’re so excited to see where augmented reality goes next. The possibilities are endless. If you want to use this technology to your advantage and achieve better business results, try out REVEALiO. Your print materials will amaze, creating more meaningful connections and ultimately driving more sales. Learn more about how to revolutionize your marketing materials and how you can partner with REVEALiO to offer this technology for a great competitive edge.