credibility to grow ecommerce sales

Using Online Credibility to Grow Your ECommerce Sales

Have you ever wanted to own an online store?

If you currently own an online store, would you like to 10X your sales?

We have an awesome class happening next Wednesday, Aug 26th that will help you do just that.

Discover what people are actually buying during these uncertain times, and, what people are NOT buying because of their current condition. Armed with this knowledge, you can start or expand your online store.

Whether you are a coach, craftsman, teacher, consultant, contractor, practitioner, retailer, or wholesaler; whether you offer physical products, digital products, or services, you too can create a website that goes beyond being a digital brochure.

Your website can generate real revenue and eCommerce expert, Greg Jameson is going to show you how. You will learn the actual methods that he and his clients have used to earn a living while working online.

Together, Greg Jameson and Media Technology Expert, Michelle Calloway are putting on a class titled:

Using Online Credibility to Grow Your ECommerce Sales

Wednesday, Aug 26th at 11:00 AM PDT

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greg jameson and michelle calloway

One of the ways to make your web store successful of course is to be recognized as an expert on what you are selling, and that is what Michelle Calloway will be teaching in this class.

She will show you how to boost your online credibility and authority, to attract more customers and make it easier for them to say "yes" while you sleep. We will be discussing how you can get your business featured on TV and Radio via Roku, Amazon Fire, Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Alexa and MORE!

Elevate your influence with the credentials of having been featured on major news networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and more!

Not only will viewers see you as a celebrity business professional and expert in your industry, they will also hear you while driving home from work on our streaming sister radio show. Blast the air waves with your expertise and influence and watch people flock to you in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

  • 70% of Americans view/listen to streaming media content
  • Increase your reach to < 1 Million viewers/listeners
  • Increase your influence, authority and visibility
  • Attract new customers while you sleep
  • Become known all over the world

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About Greg Jameson

greg jamedon

Greg Jameson has been at the forefront of digital commerce since the start and brings 20+ years of web development and ecommerce mastery. His company is called WebStores.Ltd.

He is the author of multiple best-selling books, and an Inc. 500 award-winning entrepreneur, and Colorado Small Business of the Year recipient.

He now teaches other business owners how they too can create a profitable online business.

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About Michelle Calloway

Michelle Calloway CEO of REVEALiO Software and Media Solutions

Michelle Calloway is a Multi-Media Expert, International Speaker, Bestselling Author and CEO of an innovative software and media solutions company called REVEALiO.  

REVEALiO helps business owners attract clients through unique, robust interactive storytelling experiences that literally make your message COME ALIVE right before their eyes!

Michelle has been featured in Inc. Magazine, and praised by Kevin Harrington, of ABC’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, for providing small business owners with a unique differentiator that creates powerful organic conversions.

She is driven by success and determined to help forward-thinking businesses gain the ultimate competitive advantage by captivating their audiences and influencing buying decisions with media storytelling and interactive branded experiences.

Michelle is also Founder of the Tech With Heart Network, an online business community and TV show. Her Tech With Heart Network further empowers small business owners to achieve rapid success leveraging the power of media exposure and celebrity status. The power of this network can take a new business owner with no pre-existing track record and create instant credibility in any market.

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