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Disruptive Marketing Tip: Video Ads With a Twist (Instagram)

Video will account for 81% of all internet content by 2021. As a business owner this means if you’re not using video to promote your business, you’re losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Research shows people respond better to video ads than written words or photos. With mobile use on the rise, people are responding better to video advertisements and stories, but not just any video format will do. Trends show that video is better consumed on handheld devices with a twist from it’s traditional format.

That’s right, IGTV is now making it possible to shoot video and play it back in vertical format, perfect for mobile viewing and for Instagram Stories. If you’re not familiar with Instagram Stories they are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of sharing content, and a great opportunity for business advertising.

Source Mashable

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Facebook and Instagram are giving YouTube and SnapChat a run for their money. As business owners we need to be aware of these types of disrupting trends so that we can stay in front of our competition. Video marketing is key to sharing your business with online customers, whether it be vertical or horizontal. Share your story, share your product, share you. You’ve got something special that we need, please share it with us.

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