Wish Sandwich book about a black man's journey from ghetto to glory, by Jerry B. Bowden available in paperback

Wish Sandwich – A Black Man’s Journey From Ghetto To Glory

Jerry B. Bowden, A Legally Blind, U.S. Army Veteran Launches New Book, Wish Sandwich – A Black Man’s Journey From Ghetto To Glory, and Becomes An International Bestseller.

This compelling story of overcoming adversity couldn’t come at a better time when Americans are overwhelmed with despair and uncertainty as they navigate their lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The author, Jerry B. Bowden, President of REVEALiO, Inc., reminds people that their mistakes do not define them, and their circumstances do not limit them. With faith, desire, and determination, a person can overcome adversity and accomplish their dreams, no matter what circumstances they are currently facing.

Wish Sandwich book about a black man's journey from ghetto to glory, by Jerry B. Bowden available in paperback or ebook

Wish Sandwich is a 2020 autobiography by Jerry B. Bowden. The African-American title character retells adventures ranging from growing up in a Children’s Home in the Bronx, to escaping the violent streets of Brooklyn, to entering a war zone in Vietnam, to singing on stage with The Temptations.

Overcoming poverty, violence, and abandonment, to experiencing enlightenment through higher education, and embracing true love, this novel is a non-stop adventure that will touch hearts and keep a person guessing, while reinforcing the importance of keeping an open mind and choosing to fight for their dreams.

The author reminds readers that mistakes happen in life, but they do not define who a person is. The consequences from mistakes can slow a person down, but not suppress them from achieving greatness. It’s a matter of mindset.

Resilience comes from deep within oneself, and Jerry B. Bowden shows reader time and time again, how perseverance and determination will ultimately lead a person closer to their goals. So, rather than turning back at roadblocks, find new ways to get around them, or take a detour. Don’t lose sight of the goal. The end result will be glorious and well worth the fight.

“Life is like a wish sandwich. Everyone is given a beginning and an end slice of life. What a person chooses to put into their life’s sandwich is entirely up to them.”

About the Author, Jerry B. Bowden

photo of jerry bowden, president of REVEALiO software and media solutions

Jerry B. Bowden is an author, speaker, singer, and tech founder who overcame poverty, abuse, and addiction, to experience his days of glory as a professional singer, sharing the stage with the Temptations.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jerry Bowden joined the U.S Army in 1966, at age 17, to escape poverty, violence, and despair. After serving in South Korea and surviving combat in Vietnam, he was discharged from military service in 1971.

He was the first in his family to achieve higher education, and graduated with a Master's Degree from the University of Colorado. He went on to become one of the few black professional municipal planners in the West Coast.

Jerry started his musical singing career while residing in Northern California. His band quickly rose in popularity and opened for musical legends like B.B. King, and the Temptations and other blues notables.

His service in Vietnam caused health complications later in life, and he unfortunately contracted diabetic retinopathy, which diminished his vision, resulting in disability retirement in 2011 from city government.

Jerry and his wife, Michelle Calloway Bowden, started a Tech Company in 2016, which focused on augmented reality interactive marketing experiences. In fact, his new book cover, Wish Sandwich, comes alive with augmented reality when you view it through a smart device using the free REVEALiO – AR Marketing mobile app.

Jerry is the President of Revealio - Software and Media Solutions, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also has co-founded the non-profit, Tech With Heart Foundation, which focuses on providing a safe and supportive learning environment for disadvantaged students and entrepreneurs.

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