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ADA Defender Code

You will receive an email from our support team at care@revealio.com

within 2 business days, providing you with a few lines of code to place on your website, along with instructions.

If you need assistance installing the widget on your website, request assistance here.

As a disclaimer, the free ADA Defender widget will provide easy access to tools that will make your website more accessible to people with disabilities, but it does not make your website 100% compliant according to ADA regulation and WCAG 2.1 standards.

If you wish to learn more about making your site bulletproof from non-compliance lawsuits, please schedule a consultation with our ADA representatives today.

"On behalf of myself and all the other visually-impaired Americans trying to learn, communicate, and do business online, we say "Thank You" for making your website accessible to us."

- jerry bowden, president of revealIo

Low Vision, service-disabled  U.S. Army veteran

ADA Defender AI Widget technology is made available through partners of REVEALiO Software and Media Solutions