About The Team

Combined, our international team has 30 years design / marketing, 20 years business development, 6 years augmented reality R&D, and 6 years mobile app development experience

Michelle Calloway

Michelle Calloway

Founder / CEO

Michelle is a fun-loving, graphic designer turned visionary, who loves to use technology to stay connected to loved ones all over the world. She brings 30 years graphic design/marketing, 4 years small business, and 4 years augmented reality development experience to the team.

Fun Fact: Michelle loves to swim with dolphins!

Jerry Bowden

Jerry B. Bowden

Vice President

Jerry is a personable, self motivated, accomplished, and focused businessman with 20 years experience in business planning and development. Happily married to Michelle Calloway, Founder and CEO.

Fun Fact: Jerry is a professional R&B soul singer!

Alex Gedala

Alex Gedala

Technology Director

Alex is passionate about building products and solutions that will benefit people. Quality control is his top priority. He brings 6+ years of software development and IT experience to the team.

Fun Fact: Alex is an avid Cricket fan

Lila Beckford

Lila Beckford

Chief Financial Officer

Lila is a Business Guru who has all aspects of running a business at her fingertips, but her first love is Accounting. She brings 26 experience leading
accounting, finance and business strategy of both domestic and international companies.

Fun Fact: Lila enjoys Zumba and Kickboxing

Matt Minten

Matthew Minten

Web / IT Director

Matt is a techy web guy that loves to program but is also talented in the creative world too. He's has a wonderful way with people, making him a perfect fit to handle our customer service tech solutions as well.

Fun Fact: Matt is a photographer and world traveler!

David Heckadon

David Heckadon

IP / Legal Director

David Heckadon is an IP attorney who enjoys translating cutting edge technical ideas into the "engineering poetry" of patents.

Fun Fact: David loves camping and hiking.

Discover Your Inspiration

Revealio cards came to be as the result of a vision Michelle Calloway had a few years ago. Michelle has always cherished her relationships with friends and family. When a friend introduced her to mobile augmented reality, she envisioned a magical new way to keep people connected and feeling loved. By marrying the physical world of greeting cards, to the virtual world of digital content, Revealio opens a magical portal for personal expression and connection.