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Our Mission

Our goal is to enhance human relationships through interactive augmented reality experiences that make a positive, memorable impression, and elevate you as a celebrity expert in your industry.

Meet The Best Team in The World

Combined, our international team has 30 years design/marketing, 20 years business development, 6 years mobile augmented reality development, and 20 years software development experience

Michelle Calloway - Founder of REVEALiO - An Augmented Reality Company

Founder/ CEO

Michelle Calloway

Michelle is a fun-loving digital media expert turned visionary. She loves to use technology to enhance human relationships all over the world. She brings 30 years of visual communication and marketing experience, 8 years small business experience, and 6 years mobile augmented reality experience to the team. 

Fun Fact: Michelle loves swimming with dolphins

Jerry Bowden - President of REVEALiO - An Augmented Reality Company


Jerry  Bowden

Jerry is a personable, accomplished businessman with 20 years experience in business planning and development. He is a disabled U.S. Army Vietnam veteran who is also very happily married to Michelle Calloway, Founder and CEO. 

Fun Fact: Jerry is a professional R&B soul singer

Chief Financial Officer

Lila Beckford

Lila is a business guru who has all aspects of running a business at her fingertips, but her first love is accounting. She brings 26 years of experience leading accounting, finance, and business strategy of both domestic and international companies. 

Fun Fact: Lila enjoys Zumba and kickboxing

Alex Gedala

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Gedala

Alex is passionate about building products and solutions that will benefit people. Quality control is his top priority. He brings 20 years of software development, and 15 years of project management experience to the team. 

Fun Fact: Alex is an avid Cricket fan

Kathy Owen Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Kathy Owen

Kathy is a detail-oriented operations expert who has 36 years experience in order fulfillment. Customer satisfaction is her main concern.

Fun Fact:  Kathy loves cats and music.

Matthew Minten

Web / IT Manager

Matthew Minten

Matt is a techy web guy that loves to program but is also talented in the creative world too. He has a wonderful way with people, making him a perfect fit to handle our customer service tech solutions as well.

Fun Fact: Matt is a photographer and world traveler!

IP / Legal

David Heckadon

David is an IP attorney who enjoys translating cutting edge technical ideas into the "engineering poetry" of patents.

Fun Fact: David loves camping and hiking.

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