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Attract bigger clients and donors through dynamic storytelling, media, and publicity.

As featured in INC Magazine

What We do

 We elevate purpose-driven businesses into the spotlight to attract more clients, donors, and partners through innovative media creation, publicity, and broadcasting solutions.

Your Story Needs To be Seen and Heard 

AND Resonate with People!

Video is the best form of media to share your story, your purpose, your mission, with the world.

The problem is that most small businesses struggle with what to say, and how to create a video story that attracts and compels people to take action.

Sample of montage-type video

REVEALiO offers high quality, affordable, DONE FOR YOU video storytelling services that include the following:

  • Scriptwriting: We write the script for you (or follow your lead)
  • Filming and Editing: We film the video, or utilize your existing content to tell your story
  • Voiceover and Text On Screen: We do the voiceover and add text on the screen
  • Music: We enhance the story experience by adding music to reflect the mood
  • BONUS: Augmented Reality Video Marketing Trial (see below)
  • Take Your Video Marketing To the Next Level


    (NEW Innovation)

    Video stories connect powerfully with people through three of the four main learning styles;
    visual, auditory, and those who prefer to read text on the screen.

    REVEALiO – AR Marketing tool adds the fourth learning style; TOUCH.

     Take your video message to the next level by making it COME ALIVE on physical marketing materials like a business card, book cover, event invite, or tradeshow banner.

    REVEALiO’s revolutionary and robust interactive augmented reality marketing tool has been featured in INC magazine and praised by Shark Tank’s original Shark, Kevin Harrington, as a captivating, unique differentiator for businesses.

    So this is a differentiator itself. I love that. When I think of the obstacles this helps business owners overcome... this is a connector, a relationship builder.

    Headshot of Kevin Harrington

    Kevin Harrington

    Innovator, Investor, Original Shark on ABC's Hit TV Show, Shark Tank, and Creator of the Infomercial

    Get a 30 day trial of REVEALiO – AR Marketing for only $1.00 with purchase of video creation service.

    As featured in INC Magazine

    “Captivated people convert more sales.” - Tracy Hazzard, Inc. Columnist

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    Headshot of Tracy Hazzard
    Tim Cook talks about the relevancy of augmented reality
    Janet Kunst says Revealio makes you go viral in person

    REVEALiO is a minority and service-disabled veteran-owned company that can make your business COME ALIVE with innovative media content and publicity solutions that fit your specific needs.

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