Digital Marketing trends are constantly evolving, what worked a few months ago is obsolete now. Oftentimes small businesses find themselves trying to keep up with trends in order to differentiate themselves from competitors. They desire to surprise and delight potential customers to increase sales conversions.

AR Marketing (Augmented Reality Marketing) is the latest trend that is captivating audiences. But what exactly is AR Marketing?

Get to know AR Marketing

AR Marketing is the name given to the integration of Augmented Reality technology with physical materials or geographic locations. It may look like physical business cards that COME ALIVE upon being viewed through a smartphone, or a banner at a trade show that becomes interactive, providing valuable information and rewards for engagement. Any marketing material can be fused with this technology.

Remember Pokemon Go, and how it became a phenomenon? That is the power of augmented reality. It is innovative, disruptive, and original. AR can be part of amazing marketing strategies to provide brands an option to build immersive, interactive experiences for clients. 

But why go into AR Marketing?

If you still aren’t in the loop regarding the many benefits that AR Marketing offers small businesses offer, we are happy to highlight them for you! 

  1. Give your brand a WOW factor: When you use AR in your marketing, you’re providing a WOW factor for your audience to experience. Everyone is going to talk about your product and the creative, edgy way you demonstrated its value! 
  2. Guide purchase decisions for your customers: Imagine you’d like to buy a sofa or coffee table and you had the opportunity of visualizing everything in your living room just by using your phone! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, AR can be a great way to guide clients through their online purchases and help them make secure choices! (which also reduces return rates!)
  3. It helps you save on marketing costs: Yes! Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive! Did you know that AR Marketing is more cost-effective in comparison to traditional marketing? Because AR Marketing offers a targeted and personalized experience approach that reduces the “hits or misses” from traditional marketing.
  4. Grow your engagement: When you use AR, you create an amazing immersive experience for the users. This makes them want to interact even more with your brand!
  5. Improved customer experience: When it comes to customer service and customer experience, AR is a great tool for impressing prospects, and influencing decisions! With AR you can make the sales cycle shorter and present information about the services or products to the client in a non-obtrusive way! 

How are we so sure that AR is the future of Marketing? 

Well, the statistics don’t lie: 

And only 1% of retailers say they are using AR! There is a market out there that isn’t being explored or satisfied. This is your chance to be a part of the 1% and expand your business. 

How can you start AR Marketing for your business?

Don’t worry, it may seem overwhelming, but if you’re interested in AR Marketing and have read this far, then this is your lucky day! 

REVEALiO is a minority and service-disabled veteran-owned company offering innovative software and media solutions that set you apart as a celebrity expert in your industry, we achieve this through professional website design, content marketing, and advertising and yes, that includes AR Marketing! 

REVEALiO is ready to make your brand COME ALIVE! Our commitment is to offer not only the best technology available in AR to help you grow your business, but also to keep using these technology resources to connect with more business owners in need of a push.

So, this new year we have reinvented ourselves! Our augmented reality marketing app now has a new engine and a new way of viewing interactive marketing materials.

The concept remains the same, turning ordinary print materials into dynamic, interactive storytelling experiences, however, the functionality of the AR app no longer requires new users to download an app from the App Store or Google Play Store to view the activated materials.

REVEALiO is now using WebAR – a browser-based augmented reality technology that DOES NOT require viewers to download an app from the app store to experience the magic.

Why REVEALiO Made the Switch to Web AR App?

We’ve been in the business of providing AR experiences for the small business owner and one main piece of feedback that has been constant for us is that at least 80% of small business owners said that they would use REVEALiO if it didn’t require users to download an app. 

We heard them loud and clear! And for the past year, we have worked really hard to improve our AR experience and be able to offer it to even more business owners who would greatly benefit from AR marketing.

Now users can either scan a QR code or go directly to to watch marketing materials COME ALIVE! Watch demo video below.

Our commitment continues to be towards small business owners who would perhaps have a limited budget and our original native AR engine was no longer available at a price point that was affordable. We are committed to offering quality, and accessibility and to making it affordable! Who said being edgy and advanced has to be expensive? 

Our dedication to providing dynamic, interactive experiences led to the development of our proprietary WebAR engine which is available now in the 3.0 version of REVEALiO!

What does this mean for you?

Well, with this new version of REVEALiO, you can view our AR features directly through the web browser on your phone! This translates into more accessibility for everyone, making the experience seamless for all users. 

A lot of people may shy away from AR due to the hassle of having to download an app to view it, but now they can simply access it from their browsers. 

Also, as mentioned before our goal was also to remain affordable! So with this new version, you get more accessibility and quality, while still maintaining the affordability of our services. A true win-win situation! 

What does REVEALiO offer for your business?

The uses for AR Marketing are simply too many to be named in just one article, but we’ll focus on the things we currently offer for small businesses:

And these are just some of the things REVEALiO offers for AR Marketing! In the end what matters the most is that it is all rooted in our need for human connection, and having the technology to help us get closer is a great way to keep using marketing not just as a tool to sell, but also as a way to connect and grow together. The biggest reveal your brand can have is to be discovered by those who need it most!

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